Carrier Command: Gaea Mission beta shifts from P&C to pre-order
Prague, Czech Republic, Friday 20th July 2012

Pre-shipping - After a successful run of more than three months, Bohemia Interactive has announced the discontinuation of the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Play & Contribute Beta program. The P&C beta - brought to life to aid the development process - will be replaced by a pre-order deal on Monday 30th July.
This means people still have one and a half weeks left to seize the heavily discounted € 20 Play & Contribute offer (which includes beta-access and a digital copy of the final game) on Bohemia Interactive’s
Now that the game is nearing completion, feedback will no longer be necessary. Nevertheless, those who signed up for the P&C program will still able to play the beta.

Lead Designer, Jaroslav Kašný, said:
“As a result of the Play & Contribute Beta, we’ve been able to improve almost every aspect of the game. It was inspiring and motivating to see the wonderful response from our already passionate community. On behalf of myself and my colleagues, I'd like to thank you all for the great support!”

The new pre-order deal, starting on Monday 30th July, offers a hefty 25% pre-order discount on Carrier Command: Gaea Mission for PC. It also gives people the opportunity to play the latest P&C beta build and try out the Strategy Game mode. The discount will decrease by the end of August.
To take advantage of the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Play & Contribute deal while it still lasts, people are advised to visit before the end of next weekend.

About the beta-content:
The beta includes a considerable slice of the ‘Strategy Game’ mode. At the start of this mode, players will have to set a few starting parameters, like the number of islands (up to 9 in the beta and 30+ in the full game), the ratio of captured islands, and enemy strength. Then, by conquering and establishing a network of bases for manufacturing, mining and defense, the campaign is pushed forward, with the ultimate goal being to destroy the opposing enemy carrier. The main, story-driven, Gaea Mission campaign - which also features first-person shooter missions, cinematic cutscenes and tutorials - will be present in the full game.

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About Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
Based on a groundbreaking 80s classic, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission takes place on the breathtaking planetoid Taurus and revolves around the conflict between the Asian Pacific Alliance and the United Earth Coalition. The game floats a refreshing combination of 1st/3rd-person action - letting players take instant and direct control of any unit at any time - with real-time strategy elements, like commanding units, managing resources and customizing equipment. In command of an armed vehicle carrier, players will traverse the seas to engage in free-roaming combat and establish a strategic network of island bases for mining, manufacturing and defense. The game is scheduled for a Windows PC and Xbox 360® release on 27 September 2012.

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