Take on Helicopters
Prague, Czech Republic November 10th - Bohemia Interactive, the award-winning independent Czech development studio, is pleased to release the first of a series of blog posts and videos about the Take On Helicopters Editor.

The freedom and depth contained within Take On Helicopters is something that Bohemia Interactive was proud to talk about leading up to the game’s release, well now that the digital release version is available we’re delighted to be able to launch the first of our video and web based tutorials to ensure that in no time at all you are creating missions like the pros!

An in depth blog post from key members of the Take On Helicopters design team Karel Mořický and Thomas Ryan, covers areas from the editing side of the game as well as providing some personal background to the talented and enthusiastic individuals that are a part of what has come together to make a memorable game.

Obviously with great power, comes great responsibility, certainly the Take On Helicopters Editor has great power, but to many people that can be confusing and overwhelming, so to keep everyone from relying solely on “Spidey senses” we have released the first sample mission which should help people explore the editor whilst being guided along. The sample mission download and readme is available on the official Take On Helicopters website.

Also released to assist budding new editors is a 10 minute video which provides a narrated view of a mission being created within the Take On Helicopters editor, this video is available on the official Youtube channel or available within the article on the official Take On Helicopters website.

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