Carrier Command: Gaea Mission P&C Beta goes live
Prague, Czech Republic, Friday 6 April 2012 Sea trial – Just a few days after its announcement, Bohemia Interactive’s Play & Contribute Beta for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission has sailed out into the open water. Starting today, those who are joining in will be supporting the game’s development, while experiencing the unique ‘command-and-battle’ gameplay firsthand.

Playable in the P&C Beta is a considerable slice of the Strategic Campaign. At the start of this mode, players will have to set a few starting parameters, like the number of islands (up to 9 in the P&C Beta - 30+ in the full game), the ratio of captured islands and enemy strength. Then, by conquering and establishing a network of bases for manufacturing, mining and defense, the campaign is pushed forward, with the ultimate goal being to destroy the opposing enemy carrier. Overall, the gameplay experience in the Strategic Campaign is very similar to the main, story-driven, Gaea Mission campaign, which will be present in the full and final game. However, it does not include the first-person shooter missions, cinematic cutscenes and tutorials. Therefore, to help participants with finding their way into game, a brief and basic manual is supplied together with the beta.

Carrier Command’s Executive Producer, Jan Kunt, elaborates:
“The Strategic Campaign was partly created as a tribute to the original Carrier Command. As fans of the 80s classic might remember, this mode is entirely gameplay-focused. Therefore, it lends itself perfectly for the purpose of the Play & Contribute Beta. Even though the game is already a blast to play, we welcome every suggestion that will help us to fine-tune the game’s balance and polish it as a whole.”

To report their findings, beta-participants can use the special Feedback Tracker, which is available at Experiences can also be shared via the dedicated Carrier Command P&C Beta thread on the official Bohemia Interactive Forums.

To play & contribute, enthusiasts are asked to visit Bohemia Interactive’s and seize the regular Carrier Command: Gaea Mission P&C (19.99 EUR) or the premium Carrier Command: Gaea Mission P&C Supporter (39.99 EUR) deal. The former includes a free digital copy of the full-final game upon release. P&C Supporters will - as a sign of appreciation for their total assistance in the game’s development - receive a full-final copy from and Steam, plus the digital Gaea Universe soundtrack (composed by BAFTA winner Troels Brun Folmann). Both offers are available for a limited time.

Last but not least, be sure to check out the freshly released Carrier Command 'Play & Contribute Beta' video invitation!

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About Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
Based on a groundbreaking 80s classic, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission takes place on the breathtaking planetoid Taurus and revolves around the conflict between the Asian Pacific Alliance and the United Earth Coalition. In command of an armed vehicle carrier, players will traverse the seas to establish a network of island bases for mining, manufacturing and defense. The game offers a vast amount of player freedom and integrates real-time strategy elements, like commanding units, managing resources and customizing equipment, with 1st/3rd-person action, by letting players take instant and direct control of any unit at any time. The game is scheduled for release in September 2012.

About Bohemia Interactive
Established in 1999 in Prague, Czech Republic, Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development studio which is primarily known for its award-winning mil-sim games Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and the Arma series. Bohemia Interactive is also the proud developer of the recently released Take On Helicopters and the upcoming Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and Arma 3. More information about Bohemia Interactive is available at