Stoked Rider ft. Tommy Brunner to Enter Open-Beta Phase
On Thursday, 16th of Febuary 2006, Austrian based independent developer Bongfish Interactive Entertainment opens the mountain for beta testers taking a free-ride with their highly anticipated snowboard-title Stoked Rider ft. Tommy Brunner. A short teaser video and the registration form is available at

The game already went to closed-beta in december and with help of the game's growing community a number of of user-suggested improvements already made it into the game. The development-team's flexibility in offering this kind of user-centric development process will allow for a smooth & refined gameplay experience.

About Stoked Rider:

Stoked Rider ft Tommy Brunner is the very first game focusing on the freeride aspect of snowboarding. It is scheduled for a mid-March 2006 release and will be available for Windows, Mac & Linux Systems.

Main features are:

* developed with the professional input of Quiksilver's freeriding legend Tommy Brunner

* massive anywhere-to-go-mountain world allowing to drop the rider anywhere-you-want

* presented in a fresh & unique rendering style

* never seen before physical game-play experience & dynamically responsive character animation made possible by AGEIA's Phys-X middleware.

* a filesize of just 30mb made realized by the use of procedural world-building technique and making this a perfect fit for electronic distribution

* innovative multiplayer approach letting players share their achieved height-meters in a collaborative enviroment

About Bongfish Interactive Entertainment:
Bongfish Interactive Entertainment located in Graz, Austria was founded in 1995 by Michael Putz & Klaus Hufnagl to shape their vision of digital entertainment. Since then a diverse range of multimedia CD-ROMs & websites have been produced, including the critically acclaimed UNREAL-engine powered presentation VIRTUAL GRAZ "Run for your future" for the EXPO 2000 World Exhibition. An ad-game produced for FLOW snowboard products initiated the Stoked Rider freeware 3D game, which has been downloaded 500,000 times and laid the foundation for the upcoming "Stoked Rider featuring Tommy Brunner."
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