Big Sky Infinity Releases Teaser Trailer
Company: Boss Baddie
08/11/12 Boss Baddie & VooFoo’s upcoming release Big Sky Infinity launches its teaser trailer for an exclusive preview of the new game coming soon to PlayStation®3 and PlayStation® Vita via the PlayStation Network.

Big Sky Infinity is a fast paced, twin-stick shooter, with several unique attributes that significantly further the genre. It features randomly generated missions, with dynamic gameplay that is modified based on a player’s performance. It provides the ability for players to transform their ship from its default attack mode, to become an unstoppable drilling machine, capable of powering straight through entire planets!

The newest release, a partnership between Boss Baddie, VooFoo Studio’s and indie game publisher Ripstone, will keep you on your toes with vibrant colours, insane speed and constant challenges in this celestial space shooter.

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About Boss Baddie
Boss Baddie is a UK-based indie game developer founded in 2007. Gaining inspiration from music and stories, Boss Baddie’s gaming portfolio focuses on unique two-stick shooter games with an affinity for surreal narratives. With a list of credentials which include Big Sky; Wake; Lunnye Devitsy - which appeared in the book “250 Indie Games You Must Play”; and Really Big Sky which was nominated for an Indie Arcade Game of the Year Award in 2011.
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About VooFoo
VooFoo Studios is an independent UK based video games developer, founded in 2007 by a small team of experienced industry professionals. Utilising its own proprietary cutting edge technology, VooFoo's first game, the critically acclaimed Hustle Kings, was released for PlayStation 3 in 2009, reaching the top of the PSN charts and earning VooFoo nominations for two highly coveted Develop Awards. More recently, VooFoo have gone on to release Hustle Kings on PlayStation Vita, and the visually stunning Pure Chess on both platforms.
For more information on VooFoo Studios and its games, please visit the official website at

About Ripstone
Ripstone is an independent UK based videogames publisher specializing in digital distribution.
Founded in 2011 by two experienced Sony Computer Entertainment producers and the two founders of Optimum Releasing, the company has created a unique business model from which to launch a series of video games by partnering with elite games development teams throughout Europe.
Leveraging over 50 years of market expertise and knowledge, Ripstone relies on a publishing strategy of original IP’s and unique licenses to create innovative videogame experiences for digital downloadable consoles. Ripstone publish an eclectic mix of games providing the perfect partner for independent developers who want their product delivered to a worldwide audience in digital form.
The Ripstone ethos is built on honesty, integrity and trust: founded with the knowledge that games are evolving at an ever increasing speed, and that what is a niche market today could easily become tomorrow’s key business opportunity.
For more information on RIPSTONE and its games, please visit the official website at
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