Fray alpha Demo and Pre-Orders Now available
Company: Brain Candy
PARIS - February 23, 2012

Brain Candy, independent French game developer, is celebrating the Alpha period of its upcoming sci-fi title, Fray, coming to PC and Mac in Q1 2012. Recruits can pre-order the game and gain immediate access to the weekly alpha builds. As a bonus, everyone who pre-orders will receive TWO full copies of the game. Only 1,000 spots to test the simultaneous turn-based strategy game are available so by pre-ordering today, players can guarantee themselves a spot on the Alpha, unlimited play with weekly updates, participation in special community events, and the two copies of the full game itself by pre-ordering the game for $19.99 on Grab your copies today to help support development of the game and to get in early before the price goes up to $24.95 during Beta.

Prepare to enter a dystopian future in the year 2098 where most human interaction is confined in cyberspace while three mega-corporations vie for control of Earth and its remaining resources. To escape this harsh reality, humans enter virtual reality modules, one of which is the combat module Fray. Within Fray, players must pledge allegiance to one of the corporations and control a squad of four soldiers of unique classes, weapons, and abilities. To engage in combat, players must assign actions to each squad member. It is then when players will finally see the fruits or failures of their labor while the action is played out in real-time cinematic fashion. Keen observation, predicting an opponent’s moves, and the wisdom of experience are key to emerging victorious.

The Alpha will also unveil the electrifying original soundtrack, 3D visuals, and stunning motion-captured animation. All this and two copies of the full game can be guaranteed to be at a player’s fingertips with a pre-order of Fray.

View the trailer here:

For more information and to pre-order the game, please visit the official website at or visit Brain Candy at

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About Brain Candy
Brain Candy is an independent, sugar-coated, fun-loving, sweet and chewy game development studio from Paris, France. Brain Candy specializes in serious, hardcore games developed with the humorous enthusiasm of its team. They are currently creating their first game for Windows and Mac using the Unity Engine. For more information on the cheerful antics of Brain Candy and for the latest on the production of Fray, please visit
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