OpenWheel Launches Kickstarter Page
24th June 2013 Oulton Park, Cheshire, UK. Brain in a Jar, the independent racing game developer has announced that its Kickstarter project for OpenWheel, a multiplayer online racing simulation, will now include Playstation 3 via the Playstation Network. The page can be found at:
OpenWheel is a genuine change of pace for online racing on PS3. Offering immediate multiplayer action, OpenWheel uses Brain in a Jar’s accurate racing simulation engine, but with an added twist of car construction, driver customisation, team creation and championship management, allowing players to build real identities for themselves on the track. Up to 32 players can compete in a single race across OpenWheel’s 12 track layouts, with a drop-in play system removing all the roadblocks to getting into the thick of it. Players can join a race at any point, including races already underway - because the lifeblood of racing is wheel-to-wheel dicing with the opposition, whatever your position in the race.

OpenWheel supports a host of community functionality with the ability to create race teams with other players and define online championship seasons for the world to compete in. Players are able to configure and personalise every aspect of their car, driver and team.

Carl Dalton, founder, Brain in a Jar comments “We want OpenWheel to be a hub for fast paced racing action, where players can make a real name for themselves, where teams can build admiration and recognition and where the thrill of racing is easy to get into and fun to be part of.”

Open Wheel is running on Kickstarter now. For more information or to pledge, visit:

About Brain in a Jar:
Brain in a Jar is an independent developer of video games based in Oulton Park, Cheshire, UK and was founded by Carl Dalton and Matthew Gabriel in 1998. Priding itself on cutting-edge proprietary motorsports simulation technology, Brain in a Jar creates driving simulations and games primarily as sole developer and secondarily in an outsourcing capacity for other companies such as Ubisoft, EA and Eutechnyx. Brain in a Jar is a licensed developer for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U and PC.
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