Brightside Entertainment Releases Marble Arena 1.3
Barlad, Romania, November 26, 2007 – Independent game developers Brightside Entertainment have announced the release of version 1.3 of their popular family friendly, single player and multiplayer game for PC and Mac, “Marble Arena”.

Building on the success and good reviews received by the original version, the new release comes packed full of new features, new maps and more stable than ever. 22 new custom maps, created by the community await new players and fans alike.

Among the many new features you'll find new physics contraptions such as mines and gravity bubbles and the ability to cause a shock wave when smashing into a wall, that will send players on the other side of the wall flying. After you complete a level you can now post your best time and see if you are the fastest Marble Arena player around. If the single player games were not intense enough, you can now add as many AI controlled marbles as you want, at any point, on any map in the game.

Along with the new release, Brightside Entertainment is proud to announce the second edition of their weekly “The Architect” competition. As the name probably suggests, it's a map making contest. With the help of the built in, easy to use editor, you can now create your own custom levels, based on a theme that will be provided to you. Submit your map and take your pick from the 6 full games the Prize Bucket has to offer.

Marble Arena and its built in editor are based on a very popular engine, namely Cube 2. All those who are used to creating maps for it or its popular mods will have no problems creating maps for Marble Arena. If you don't know your way around, the forum awaits you with all the answers you'll ever need.

This week's theme is “Replicas”. Create a map similar to one you found in your favorite game, but make it playable with a marble. Ever wondered how a Counter Strike map would play if you were a marble ? If so, this week you'll probably be able to find out.

For more information, discussions, screenshots, videos and to download the latest version of Marble Arena, please visit the official website :
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