Brightside Entertainment Releases Marble Arena 1.4
Barlad, Romania, December 18, 2007 – Independent game developers Brightside Entertainment have announced the release of version 1.4 of their popular family friendly, single player and multiplayer game for PC and Mac, “Marble Arena”.

This new version adds a considerable amount of new features designed to make the game experience even better and bring players closer to the active community of map makers. Players will now be able to instantly know, right from the game, if new free maps are available for download or if maps they already have were updated. They can then rate them as they consider appropriate thus letting their creators know what playing their maps really feels like.

Version 1.4 insists a lot more on the multiplayer component, allowing players to create their own servers and automatically storing leader boards for them that register how many rounds each player has won. That information is then displayed on the website for the world to see.

For experienced players, the Master Mode feature should be a great addition. If you can finish levels without saving your progress, without ever falling over the edge and in half the original time then you truly are a Marble Master and for that you will be awarded with 5 times the original amount of upgrade points.

The community of map makers is a very important part of Marble Arena and this new version is trying to reward them for all their efforts, by allowing them to receive full games for any map that is posted on the website, even if it's outside of the weekly competition. Each map that gets posted translates into 500 fame points for its creator. Each good rating received by the map translates into even more fame points. Get enough fame points and you get a full game from the Prize Bucket. All that fame will also show in the game and in multiplayer games, letting people know immediately who you are.

These are just some of the new features version 1.4 brings. Plenty more options for players and map makers alike are included. For more information, discussions, screenshots, videos and to download the latest version of Marble Arena, please visit the official website :
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