Brightside Entertainment Announces Tickle Your Brain Week
Barlad, Romania, January 7, 2008 – Independent game developers Brightside Entertainment have announced the latest edition of their Marble Arena map making competition. This week's theme is puzzles.

Challenge your players to carefully plan how they roll their marble around if they want to reach the end of your puzzle in one piece. Leave clues to get your players thinking and to guide them on the right path and place nasty traps for those who don't think twice before rolling once. Bring to life this sometimes overlooked component of Marble Arena and take your pick from the full games available in the Prize Bucket.

This is the first edition that will make full use of the ability to rate Marble Arena maps directly from inside the game. This way players will have a very important role in deciding who truly deserves to win and to gain access to the Prize Bucket loot.

Among this week's prizes and to fit with the current theme, you'll find a very original puzzle game called “Cryptex of Time” created by Solo Development. “Cryptex of Time” is a new, innovative puzzle game that brings the casual match game into its third dimension without leaving simplicity and fun factor behind. The game takes you, a young archaeologist, into a world full of mysteries, old tales and fabled treasures while solving the puzzles of the Cryptex. Travel around the world, find new exciting challenges and carefully rotate the wheels of the Cryptex to free the secrets inside.

Marble Arena is Brightside Entertainment's popular family friendly, freeware game where you have to maneuver a marble across a myriad of obstacles, over many types of surfaces while mastering physics contraptions and battling it out with AI controlled marbles. The game offers a built in, easy to use editor, based on the popular Cube 2 engine and an active community of map makers that will gladly help you if you don't know your way around.

For more information, discussions, screenshots, videos and to download the latest version of Marble Arena, please visit the official website :
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