Team indie at Gamescom – indie arena
Berlin, August 13th, 2013. Brightside Games will reveal their new game Team Indie at the recently announced gamescom 2013 indie booth. An early version of the game will be playable along 9 other awesome games at the Indie Arena, hall 9, booth A-045.

Team Indie is a 2D platformer that unites different indie video game characters into one play experience. The characters will join forces, each one with their unique skill to cooperatively get through the levels. Team Indie also lends some of the time traveling aspects of Brightside Games’ acclaimed debut game and finalist of several indie competitions Zeit˛. You will play coop with your own prior runs and bend time to get through puzzles and action sequences.

Watch the first teaser on or

Since the game is still in early stages of development we set up a developer blog for interested gamers. Follow us along shaping this game into an exciting experience on and

We will reveal indie characters that join Team Indie in the coming weeks and months!

If you would like to be one of the first ones to play the game, make sure to stop by at our gamescom booth and have a chat with us! Indie Arena booth trailer

Team Indie Website
Team Indie Video Teaser
Team Indie Developer Blog
Brightside Games
More about Indie Arena
Indie Arena Trailer

Brightside Games is an independent game development studio based in Berlin, that formed out of a student team in 2009. Brightside Games’ debut title Zeit˛ was released in January 2011 on XBLA and Steam. It was very well received by the international press with 35 reviews of 80% or higher and specifically praised for its innovative gameplay. Zeit˛ was also finalist in the IGF and other independent game development competitions.

Early 2013 Brightside Games released their original party battle game SPiN WARS across multiple platforms including Android, Apple AppStore, OUYA, PC and Mac. "SPiN WARS" was also part of the Indie Royale Bundle. Moreover Brightside Games developed the successful racing game with an innovative co-pilot concept "Rally the World", created a game for deaf children and teaches game development classes at several universities. "Sheep Shack" another Brightside Games original that features sheering sheep while they fly through the air was released May 2013 on iOS.
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