Disney’s Chicken Little Video Games Inspired by Walt Disney Feature Animation’s First Fully Computer Animated Motion Picture Hatches on Store Shelves
BURBANK, Calif. — (October 18, 2005) — Chicken Little is on a mission to go from “zero to hero,” rebounding from the time he inadvertently alerted his entire town that “the sky is falling!” after an acorn fell on his head. Disney’s Chicken Little video games for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube™ system, Game Boy ® Advance system and PC are now available at retail outlets across North America, Buena Vista Games Inc. (BVG) announced today. Inspired by the highly anticipated theatrical release from Walt Disney Pictures, Disney’s Chicken Little video games revitalize the classic character with action-packed adventures for the entire family.

“’Chicken Little’ marks one of our largest self-publishing initiatives ever,” said Graham Hopper, senior vice president and general manager, Buena Vista Games. “With both a major theatrical release and video games, ‘Chicken Little’ will provide engaging entertainment for both moviegoers and gamers.”

The game marks the first release from BVG’s recently acquired game development studio, Avalanche Software, based in Salt Lake City.

“Being an internal studio within The Walt Disney Company, we were given access to amazing resources and technology to re-create and expand upon the world of ‘Chicken Little,’” said John Blackburn, vice president, Avalanche Software “The game not only revisits some key events of the film, but extends the experience with unique locations and challenges.”

A free movie ticket for a child’s or adult’s matinee of “Chicken Little” (a value up to $7.25) is packed into both the U.S. and Canadian console video games at participating retail outlets. The offer is on specially marked packages and is available while supplies last and expires on December 31, 2005.

About the Disney’s Chicken Little video games:
Disney’s Chicken Little brings the excitement of the film to reality, allowing gamers to play as the key characters in an endless variety of action-packed game play. Gamers can live the adventures of Chicken Little and his band of misfit friends – Fish-Out-of-Water, Runt of the Litter and Abby Mallard, also known as “The Ugly Duckling” -- as the game catapults players into the hair-raising adventures of the movie and beyond.

For the console and PC versions, gamers must master an arsenal of gadgets, including bottle rocket jet packs, slingshots, yo-yos, cannons, hover boards, and an alien suit to get the characters out of sticky situations like alien invasions, spiraling asteroids and corn field mazes. Players will master 21 action-packed levels that capture the key movie moments and environments, extending the experience into outer space. The game also features six two-player mini-games (console versions only), celebrity voices and 3-D environments from the film, such as Town Square, the movie theater and alien spaceships. Game discs also include movie clips and an extended storyline. The console and PC versions have an E10+ rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) for Everyone 10 and older. The Game Boy Advance version has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone. Suggested retail price is $39.99 for console versions, $29.99 for Game Boy Advance and $19.99 for PC.

The Game Boy Advance version has three modes: story, racing and dodgeball.. Players can explore 12 story-mode levels while taking on the role of characters including Chicken Little; Fish-Out-of-Water; and Commander Ace, Chicken Little’s alter ego. The racing mode has eight tracks with unlockable cars, and there are six playfields in the dodgeball mode.

Disney’s Chicken Little for consoles and PC was developed by Avalanche Software, a Buena Vista Games studio. Disney’s Chicken Little for the Game Boy Advance was developed by A2M.

About the Feature Film “Chicken Little”:
“Chicken Little” is the first computer generated (CG) motion picture presented by Walt Disney Pictures. Releasing in theaters nationwide on November 4, “Chicken Little” takes off where the classic fable ends. It is the story of how Chicken Little redeems himself from his troubled past, the day he inadvertently alarmed the town of Oakey Oaks that “the sky is falling!” when in fact, an acorn had merely hit him on the head. In the film, redemption is found when Chicken Little scores the winning home run in the season’s biggest baseball game, instantly turning him into the town hero! However, soon the sky actually does fall on Chicken Little, and he must recruit his band of misfit friends to defend Oakey Oaks from an alien invasion and ultimately save the day. The film is for all ages, with broad comedy and exciting action-adventure sequences, featuring an all-star cast, voiced by Zach Braff as Chicken Little, Joan Cusack as Abby Mallard, Steve Zahn as Runt of the Litter, Garry Marshall as Buck Cluck and Don Knotts as the irrepressible mayor of Oakey Oaks.

About Buena Vista Games
Buena Vista Games, Inc. (BVG) is the interactive entertainment arm of The Walt Disney Company. BVG publishes, markets and distributes a broad portfolio of multi-platform video games and interactive entertainment worldwide. The company also licenses properties and works directly with third-party interactive game publishers to bring products for all ages to market. For more information, please log on to www.buenavistagames.com.

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