Russian Games Fly to E3 Again
April 19, 2005 – Buka Entertainment, one of the European publishers, is pleased to invite partners, media and customers to its booth at the E3 2005 game show (booth # 6137, Kentia Hall).

This year Buka is willing to demonstrate its first looks products and already boosted developments, including such titles as:

Pacific Storm (first look!)
A strong RTS featuring well-developed aircraft sim mode. The US and Japanese armies confront in the Pacific region, complete with authentic aircraft and ships. All the major Pacific battles of WW2 are about to begin.

A demoniac FPS, which uses advanced technologies to create realistic environment and spooky atmosphere. Your own war against imps and zombies spans the streets of some American city through the Mexican pyramids and ends up in Hell.

This is a cocktail of horror adventure, action and RPG. A player has 12 days available to save a town from an unknown disease and to rescue himself. The disease is an ultimate enemy. The game's statistics enumerates 3 main characters, lots of quests, 27 NPC's and a number of cutscenes. The disturbing atmosphere of a dying town immerses a player from the very first steps into the game's world.

The Stalin Subway (first look!)
You download this FPS and find yourself in Moscow of 50s, the most dreadful Soviet period – the era of Stalin. Fulfilling various tasks and missions, a player gets familiarized with Moscow Subway, the most beautiful subway in the world, and the most famous Moscow sites. The persuasive ambience, music, clothing and other elements of the games will convey the flavour of old Moscow.

Operation: Matriarchy
Feminine monsters will assault a player in this sci-fi FPS. Scary and astonishing alien landscapes, multiple missions, levels and diverse weaponry – all these elements describe that fun and excitement of the action in Operation: Matriarchy.

Moscow Rush (first look!)
This racing action/sim brings a player to a real Moscow setting; cool missions and highly detailed scenes give the opportunity to enjoy virtual Moscow.

Battle Mages: Sign Of Darkness
A sequel to a widely famed Battle Mages title, RTS/RPG, set in a well-designed fantasy world. New missions, new maps and new playable races enrich the gameplay, while the improved engine demonstrates the beauty of the game.

The debuting titles will be announced later. Keep an eye on the upcoming news from Buka.

For more information regarding Buka's E3 participation, please contact Julia Gribonosova (

About BUKA Entertainment

Buka Entertainment is a European publisher headquartered in Moscow, Russia.
Since its foundation in 1994 and up to the present Buka has released more than 100 games both home-grown and localized, including made in Russia Fair Strike, Battle Mages and The Entente: World War I Battlefields.
In the front of the current product line we have Pacific Storm, Hellforces, and Pathologic.
Russian games produced by Buka became the internationally anticipated and recognized brands. Buka's games came to 70 countries of the globe, such as the US, the UK, Japan, Germany, France, and Eastern Europe.
We signed our titles with more than 56 Publishers scattered around the world. Among them, we have names like Encore, Capcom, Acclaim, MC2, Cenega, Data Becker, JoWooD, Ubi Soft, and a number of smaller, but reliable and good partners as well, leaders in their respective territories.

The recent years were flagged with the steadfast expansion of Buka's direct sales operations spanning the Russian Federation and CIS countries through to Mainland China, where Buka established a subsidiary company in winter 2005.

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