Burst Online Entertainment Announces Stone Wardens
Philadelpha, PA - July 2, 2013 - Burst Online Entertainment, an independent game development studio with a focus on high-quality online experiences, has announced their latest project - Stone Wardens. Offering both solo play and online group play, Stone Wardens innovatively blends gameplay elements from tower defense games and action-roleplaying games (RPGs). In Stone Wardens, teams of players can band together to defend their Wardens' homeland from waves of Invaders.

In Stone Wardens, the legendary wandering gates - ancient portals which have provided access to towns for millennia - have fallen under siege, threatening the survival of the people. Players will assume the role of Stone Wardens, beckoned by the call of war and turmoil. Warden classes include Stonesmiths, Runemasters, Wizards, Mages, Elementalists, Vestas, Gatekeepers, Tinkers, and Ninjas to name a few. Through bravery, skill, and success, a Warden can gain experience and earn prestige among the townspeople to unlock powerful abilities, pet familiars, and enchanted gear.

Skillfully commanding a Warden's magical abilities, familiar, and ancestral guardians in combat is the key to victory. Each Warden wields distinct abilities, as well as a unique guardian they can summon. Familiars (magical pets) aid Wardens by harvesting spirit from the battlefield and using spirit to awaken and empower ancestral guardians.

Stone Wardens is being crafted by an all-star development team. Consisting of ten hardworking industry veterans, Burst Online Entertainment is an independent game studio formed by passionate and experienced engineers, designers, and artists who have worked cooperatively for years. Prior to forming Burst, team members specializing in online multiplayer experiences have had a hand in masterpieces such as Guild Wars, Left4Dead, and the Halo franchise, specializing in online multiplayer experiences.

The invading fiends will stop at nothing but the people's destruction - allowing them to pass will ensure defeat. Their relentless march must be halted!

Stone Wardens Key Features:

Warden Classes: Each Warden class plays differently, giving you many ways to experience a challenge and try to overcome it. Some Wardens focus on damage, some on augmenting guardians (towers), some on manipulating the invaders and others have a blend of those abilities. You'll want to play all Wardens, as each provides a unique experience.
Boost System: Players can adjust the difficulty or "boost" level of a challenge; the higher the boost the tougher the challenge and the higher the rewards. Stone Wardens has leaderboards for players to compare performance on the various boost settings for each challenge. Defeating the invaders on a challenge is great, but can you do it at a higher boost? Can you do it playing solo, how about with 1, 2, 3, or more friends?
Familiars: Wardens can unlock a wide variety of familiars (pets), which gather spirit, upgrade guardians, and help their Warden directly when they are nearby. Managing the supply of spirit through commanding your familiar is a skill; deciding when harvesting new spirit is more important than upgrading or getting the benefit of having your familiar nearby to use its unique special ability.
Cooperation: Your Warden's abilities can set up other Warden's abilities to create new outcomes. Is that Goblin Scrambler encased in ice? Then hit him with a fire attack to try and get a steam bonus, or use a physical attack to try and shatter him, causing secondary damage to nearby invaders
Invader Abilities: The invaders have many abilities that can affect your Warden as well as each other. Just as the Warden's abilities can cause different results depending on what other abilities are used, the same is true for the invaders.
Persistent Service: You can play online with friends, or find new people to play with. We will continue to update your game experience for years to come with new challenges, gear, familiars, and Wardens.

Stone Wardens is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter to ease development costs. A wealth of backer tiers and rewards are available to those who wish to support the game!

For more information on Stone Wardens, be sure to check out the official Stone Wardens website and Kickstarter campaign:


About Burst Online Entertainment:
Burst Online Entertainment is an independent cross-platform game development studio formed by veteran game developers from Turbine, Bungie, Nintendo, THQ, Gazillion, and NCSoft.