Capcom Releases Killer 7Tm for the Nintendo Gamecubetm and Playstation 2 Computer Entertainment System
Company: Capcom
SUNNYVALE, Calif. - July 5, 2005 — Capcom® today released killer 7TM, a stylized, post-modern action adventure game for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Nintendo GameCubeTM. Featuring distinct characters, striking cel-shaded visuals and dark imagery, killer 7 chronicles the connection between two men whose intertwined paths develop into a complex tale of altering personas and a menacing force that has paralyzed society. killer 7 propels players into the consciousness of one man and his killer personalities all the while stopping a wave of indiscriminate violence that is plaguing the world. killer 7 is rated 'M' for mature audiences by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

The world has finally embraced global peace. A network of intercontinental expressways has been established, bridging the continents. Radioactive materials and weapons of mass destruction have been eliminated, removing all threats to peace. Then in a major turn of events, the world stood in silence as a new fear was unleashed and the 'killer 7' was commissioned to handle this new threat to mankind.

In killer 7, players take on the role of Harman Smith an unlikely assassin who leads a life as the "master" who rules over seven alter egos. Switching between his seven different personalities, Harman employs each personality's unique abilities to complete their mission. Now, a powerful underworld kingpin has unleashed violent creatures onto the world called 'Heaven's Smile.' These crazed soldiers, affixed with horrific smiles, have started to wreak havoc on city streets. It is up to the player to interchange Harman's seven 'partners' and utilize the special powers that dwell within them in order to assassinate Kun Lan, the notorious criminal overlord behind all the madness.

Among the many features killer 7 will deliver are:

• Distinctive and visually stunning, post-modern approach to cel shaded environments

• Unique cast of playable characters – Each persona has different strengths, special abilities and weapons that help Harman proceed through the game. The seven personalities that comprise the "Smith Alliance" include:
o Garcian Smith – The only member of the killer7 that can communicate with Harman, he is the leader of the 'alliance' who posses the unique ability to retrieve and revive the bodies of the fallen personalities. The master of telegnosis, his weapon of choice is a silenced handgun.
o Dan Smith – A marksman with exceptional skills, Dan is a well balanced assassin who has the ability to shoot "Demon Shells" from his revolver that can obliterate enemies with a destructive force.
o Mask De Smith – Toting two powerful grenade launchers, he wields the most firepower of any of the personalities. He also uses deadly wrestling moves to destroy objects and obstacles that get in the way.
o Coyote Smith – A thug and petty thief, he is a skilled lock-picker armed with a modified revolver. His greatest power is his jumping prowess, making him the perfect character for hard-to-reach places.
o Kaede Smith – The only female personality of the group, she is a force to be reckoned. Armed with her scope-mounted automatic pistol, she is able to zoom-in and takes out enemies from a distance. She is also able to use her own blood to break through barriers that impede her progress.
o Con Smith – The blind and youngest member of the killer7 team is blessed with super speed and exceptional hearing that enables him to 'see'. Armed with double automatics, he can unleash rounds with blinding speed.
o Kevin Smith – A recluse personality that can eliminate a target with ease using a number of masterful knife wielding techniques. This killer can become invisible enabling him to slip through sensors and pass enemies undetected.

• Change characters any time, any where during gameplay.

Capcom is a leading worldwide developer,publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment. Founded in 1983, the company has created world renowned franchises including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, Devil May Cry and the Onimusha series. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the company maintains operations in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, Tokyo and Hong Kong. For more information about killer 7, please visit Additional information regarding Capcom and its products can be found on the company's web site at
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