Cavebug Games Launches Pathstorm for Windows
Company: Cavebug Games
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - February 29, 2007 - Cavebug Games ( today announced the release of Pathstorm, its debut puzzle game for gamers and non-gamers of any age. The player's primary goal is to find a variety of hidden objects on the playfield using only a ball as a guide. The player rolls the ball onto one of the playfield's many covered paths, and by paying attention to visual and audio cues and using basic logic, the player isolates the locations of those hidden obstacles and clears the level.

According to Josh Jensen, co-founder of Cavebug Games, "Solving the locations of unknown elements in games like Sudoku and Minesweeper is satisfying, but we were looking for a new, interactive take on that idea. By introducing the concept of a ball which rolls through a covered playfield and providing sound and visuals in reaction to the ball's immediate environment, we found we were completely immersed in the gameplay. Further, just as solving one number in Sudoku will usually lead to others being filled in, in Pathstorm, exposing one hidden object tends to start a chain reaction of further finds. The net effect was we weren't able to put the game down, because we were having so much fun. It was exactly what we were hoping for!"

Pathstorm is specifically designed so anyone can play through the entire Journey and feel they have achieved success, regardless of their skill level.
That's right, everyone can play, and everyone can win! As the player progresses through the Journey, the large Journey map changes from its primitive form to a beautifully colored environment. Animated pictograph elements appear throughout the map, and sounds of rivers, forest fires, thunderstorms, jungle animals, lake monsters and more complete the experience. Over 100 task-based trophies give the player plenty of opportunity to come back for more.

A note from a female player posted on the Cavebug Games forums raved: "PathStorm is evil... Evil I tell you! I've lost hours of my life. I was up until a
time in the morning that I refuse to disclose watching the little ball roll and counting the beeps. Flip that bumper, no the other one, three exits to
mark...and all the shapes, houses and tea cups oh my! Heh. This game rocks and everyone I know -needs- a copy. Well done, guys."

"We'd invite mothers and grandmothers, who never play computer games, for usability sessions, and we'd have to pry them away from the mouse!" Josh Jensen echoed. "We were even confronted once by a frustrated husband who wanted his wife back!" Brad Edwards, also a co-founder of Cavebug Games, adds, "We've been very pleasantly surprised at just how well it has been received by young and old alike. One of our testers reported their 7-year-old son played through the entire game. I also know of a group of high school boys and girls who discovered the game through their parents and have played it regularly."

Pathstorm is chock full of features to create a fulfilling end user experience.

- 134 non-timed Journey levels spanning 4 difficulties: Junior, Novice, Intermediate, and Expert.
- 67 timed Challenges.
- 2- and 4-Directional Bouncers, Splitters, Shifters, Twirlers, Scramblers, Switchers, and Fast and Slow Balls create wide variations of gameplay.
- Standard and Find the Exits levels in non-rotated and rotated varieties across 10 colorful playfield themes.
- A fun, more visual Kids Mode popular with all ages.
- Special Power-Ups: Turn on Magic Balls, get the location of a hidden object with a Hint, or mix it up with All Scramblers Mode.
- Create nearly endless levels in the Custom Puzzle menu.
- Access all your Favorite levels and Share them with your friends on the same computer or via email.

Pathstorm Pricing and Availability

Pathstorm can be found at the Cavebug Games website at It is available for Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, and Vista and costs $19.95 USD.

Read more about Pathstorm and its features at

About Cavebug Games
Cavebug Games opened its doors at the beginning of 2007 out of a desire to provide its users a unique quality family gaming experience. Cavebug was created by Brad Edwards and Josh Jensen, former Xbox developers for Microsoft and Take-Two Interactive, whose credits include work on the popular Amped snowboarding games, Links golf games, and many more. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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