Vampires! a fast-paced puzzle game for PC, iOS and Android announced
Company: CBE software
Brno, Czech Republic – June 2, 2012 – From the creators of Ghost in the Sheet, J.U.L.I.A, and J.U.L.I.A. Untold come “Vampires!” - a fast-paced puzzle game for PC, iOS and selected Android devices. Dawn is coming and weary vampires everywhere are heading home though the labyrinth to their crypts so they may rest for the day. However, vampire hunters have arrived there first and set up traps to swiftly end the life of any poor unsuspecting vampire.

Early game information can be seen at:

”In Vampires! you have to guide vampires to their crypt. Since you can’t control the vampires directly, you have to change their environment and use special paranomal skills to help them get to their coffins safely and in time.“, said Jan Kavan, director at CBE software and continued describing the game's principles: “You can rotate the labyrinth blocks, summon spider-net slow down or garlic-based repellent to help vampires avoiding dangerous places. You have to think fast and time your actions carefully otherwise your vampires will walk into mortal peril!”

Vampires will bring you:

- 50+ gradually more challenging levels.
- 3D zoomable environment
- 3 different types of vampires, each with their own behavior
- Various traps including silver guns, mobile wooden stakes or light traps
- Supernatural skills to repel or slow down vampires or rotate the environment
- 3 possible degrees of level completion for adding even more challenge
- Achievements for extraordinary deeds

Vampires! are currently scheduled for Q3/2012.
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About CBE software
CBE software is an independent video game development studio which has been transformed in 2011 from the two man operation called Cardboard Box Entertainment. Debuting with paranormal comedy Ghost in the Sheet (2007), CBE software explores the possibilities of video games beyond the boundaries of tried and tested gameplay paradigms.
In 2012 CBE software released the sci-fi narrative video game J.U.L.I.A. and J.U.L.I.A. Untold for iOS.
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