Game Sphere's Debut As An Annual Games Event
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SYDNEY 29TH NOVEMBER, 2005 Cyber Shack, CBN Media’s gaming entertainment brand, recently held it’s first annual gaming event ‘Game Sphere’ last week. The event held in Sydney included the Grand Final of the national online Battlefield 2 tournament and sought to bring Australia’s top gaming talent together for a one day games celebration.

The event drew hundreds of visitors and gamers on the day, with participants taking advantage of sample bags, lucky door promotions, games available to play and the opportunity to watch Australia’s best Battlefield 2 talent on show in the Cyber Slam tournament Grand Final. Game Sphere is already in planning for a 2006 event to be held some time in November. With the support of major partners AMD & Gigabyte, Game Sphere has been described as a major success by sponsors and visiting game enthusiasts.

“We’re really happy with the feedback from sponsors and gamers of our first Game Sphere and look forward to making this an annual event to complement our local promotion of games across our TV, radio and online channels”, said Charles Brown, Managing Director of CBN Media.

Go to to download more information of the event, or otherwise watch Episodes 10 and 11 to see Game Sphere in live play on free to air television (‘Wild TV’ on Channel 7, at 11am on December 18th, and December 24th, 2005).

Other comments on Game Sphere:

Tim Handley - Gigabyte Taiwan (Major Sponsor)
The November 19th Game Sphere BF2 Championship certainly drew the crowds and is a testimonial to the influence and reach that CBN Media enjoys amongst the Australian PC gaming community. The CBN Media crew in particular showed outstanding dedication to the tasks at hand, and this, together with their cheerful attitude, went a long way to making the event a success and a pleasure for all concerned.

Phat_Abbot - Anarchy Krew ^ (Grand Final Winner)
Thanks to cyber slam and the admins, it was really great to meet some of you guys in person and it was a fantastic event overall. You guys are really lucky to have some fantastic sponsors that can host these kinds of events.

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