EVE Online adds French language support and other features in newest release
Company: CCP Games
30 Sep 2014 – Reykjavik, Iceland – CCP Games, a leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games, has added French language support and myriad other features and improvements with Oceanus, the latest release for its compelling, long-standing sci-fi game, EVE Online.

In Oceanus, full French language support has come to EVE, including a localized client. With an award-winning player-community that spans the globe playing in a single shared universe, supporting multiple languages has become an important part of bringing players together, whether in small corporations of a dozen friends or coalitions of tens of thousands of pilots.

In the last eleven years, French-speaking players have already proven their skill and dedication across a variety of gameplay styles. With full language support their contributions should increase exponentially, as shown with other players when Russian, German, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified) were added.

Oceanus also brings other features and changes aimed at expanding and beautifying the massive EVE universe, driven by player feedback and CCP’s own vision

New wormhole nebulae and visual effects make traveling through unknown space as gorgeous as it is dangerous
A second set of Burner missions provide greater challenges for high-level mission running, where rogue pirates have brought backup to defend against the players
The “Module Tiericide” effort kicks off massive rebalancing of all of EVE’s thousands of modules, providing even more choices for full customization of ships based on individual skill levels and play styles
A new cloaking effect that is as science-fiction as it sounds
Balance passes on Interdictor and Interceptor class ships diversify the art of ambushing
UI changes: new tooltips and optional notifications allow players to focus more on their ambitions in EVE
Much more!

“Oceanus, true to its namesake, is in a way a world-spanning release.” said Andie Nordgren, executive producer for EVE Online. “On the one hand, French language support highlights the unique dynamics of our one universe—where diversity in the real world mixes with in-game ambitions. On the other hand, Oceanus’s other features show the wide variety of possible play within New Eden by giving a little bit to everyone.”

Oceanus follows Hyperion as the fourth update in a major shift for EVE development, from two expansions per year to around 10 releases annually, as CCP delivers more content, more frequently, to its legendary player-base. As with every release, Oceanus is available for free to all EVE Online subscribers and trial users.

Further information about Oceanus can be found on the feature page, as well as in developer blogs, the patch notes, and the Oceanus in-development video.

The next release, Phoebe, is due out November 4th.

Oceanus has been deployed less than a month before EVE Vegas (17-19 October), a massive annual player gathering that has evolved into something much bigger. Livestreamed in its entirety on CCP’s Twitch channel, EVE Vegas includes developer and player presentations, live demos and tournaments of CCP’s games, and unique events including a pub crawl and the EVE Vegas party—all in celebration of the EVE universe and those who inhabit it.

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