Eve Online: Cold War Edition Launches
Company: CCP Games
REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – July 14th, 2005 – CCP, an independent developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online games, today announced the highly successful and smooth launch of “EVE Online: Cold War Edition,” a massive content upgrade to its popular massively multiplayer title “EVE Online.” The launch of “EVE Online: Cold War Edition” signifies yet another huge milestone for the ambitious developer, being met with critical acclaim.

“This upgrade introduces a whole new beginning player experience and lessens the learning curve for newcomers.” said Magnus Bergsson, CMO of CCP Games. “The Cold War Edition introduces a completely new approach to introducing players to the game, making it very easy for a new player to get started.”

EVE Online is the largest single shard, non instanced, massively multiplayer world on the market today and has experienced continuous growth since its release. This release has further boosted subscriber numbers which are at an all time high.

EVE Online®: Cold War Edition puts the fragile peace sustaining the Empire territories at risk, as sovereignties secretly vie for advantage over their foes. Empires will unite to form pacts, old superhighways will be changed… a new world order is forming. Dozens of new passageways into the deep space regions will create unprecedented opportunities for both veteran and new pilots alike.

Some of the features of this upgrade include:

 New Player Experience: New players are now introduced to EVE in a very easy and approachable manner by a completely revised tutorial system that ensures that all levels of users can learn to play and have fun doing so.
 COSMOS Constellations: A new large scale gameplay element where pilots will have agent encounters in space, new environments to explore, and new technologies to discover.
 Dreadnoughts: The fearsome Dreadnought enters the battlefield equipped with jumpdrives and will have enough firepower to take down player owned structures.
 Outposts: A compact and effective alternative to the current player built stations.
 Freighters: Massive haulers with immense capacity to help players conquer deep space.
 Leadership Overhaul: Enhanced fleet warfare, new skills, and modules will improve players’ ability to defend and attack in fleet combat.
 Pirate Factions: Better… Stronger… and likely to reveal their secrets and high value loot.
 Industrial Revolution: Starbases get a major boost and more valuable minerals will be available in low security Empire space.
 Combat Changes: Many changes that will further improve combat in EVE, making combat even more tactical.
 Unicode Chat Input: Chat in any language, for example Asian fonts will be rendered by the EVE font system, along with Cyrillic and Greek.
 New Tech Level 2 technology: Includes missiles launchers, drones and various defensive modules.

The new expansion can be downloaded from the EVE Online web site free of charge. For more information on EVE Online please visit: http://www.eve-online.com.

About CCP Games
CCP Games, a privately held company, is a recognized leader in the creation of challenging and unique massively multiplayer online games that offer gamers a fresh alternative to traditional fantasy games. CCP creates, develops, publishes and distributes its games, and is one of the few MMOG companies that have experienced continued user growth since its start. CCP Games is headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland.

About EVE Online
EVE Online is the next generation in massively multiplayer online games. Set in a cosmos of astronomical proportions, governed by a hyper capitalistic economy, your aim is to establish yourself as a major mover and shaker; trusted by your friends and respected by your enemies. Your main tools to accomplish this, apart from the whole panoply of sophisticated equipment, space ships and corporations will be your business acumen and social skills, Machiavellian thinking and cunning combat strategies.
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