UK Players to Pay in Pounds Sterling for Eve Online™
Company: CCP Games
Reykjavik, Iceland - March 23rd 2012 - Today at the EVE Online Keynote during EVE Fanfest 2012, CCP Games announced that, beginning May 1st, UK players will be able to pay for their EVE Online subscriptions in pounds sterling, which will result in an estimated 20% price reduction versus the current rate. This introduction aims to accommodate requests by the UK community to pay in British Pounds rather than in Euros. The regularly monthly subscription fee will stand at £9.99 for UK players.

“UK players have been an important part of the EVE community from the very beginning, organizing some of the very first player meets, being at the forefront of EVE’s PvP alliances and expanding the EVE experience with such creations as the epic “Clear Skies” movies. The enthusiasm and creativity of these players has only underlined the importance of the UK market as we enter a very exciting time for the EVE Universe.” - Jon Lander, senior producer for EVE Online.

With more than 400,000 global subscribers, EVE is the only MMO to have grown every year in the past eight years since its launch. CCP continues to provide support for the EVE community and this UK price reduction is just one example of their ongoing development within the EVE Online universe and outside the client itself.

About CCP
CCP is recognized for the creation of revolutionary gaming experiences designed with a unique combination of stunning artistry and advanced technology. Best known as the independent developer and publisher of EVE Online, the critically-acclaimed, space-based massively multiplayer online game (MMO) and PC Gamer's 2009 'MMO of the Year', two additional titles are now in production: World of Darkness, a dark, immersive MMO based on the legendary roleplaying franchise of the same name; and DUST 514, the groundbreaking massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) set in and linked to the EVE Online universe. Founded in Iceland in 1997, CCP is privately held and has offices in Atlanta, Newcastle, Reykjavik and Shanghai with a datacenter in London. More information can be found at

About EVE Online
EVE Online is a captivating, open-ended gaming experience in which hundreds of thousands of players compete within the same virtual cosmic universe for riches, power, glory and adventure. EVE players can create and live out their most virtuous or sinister dreams, piloting starships through a futuristic galaxy featuring a sophisticated player-run economy and thousands of solar systems rife with treasures to be discovered. With professions ranging from commodities trader to mercenary, industrial entrepreneur to pirate, mining engineer to battle fleet commander and more, EVE players have access to a diverse array of tools and interfaces to forge their own exhilarating path. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at
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