Kings and Legends Global, the Battle Begins Now
Company: ChangYou
SANTA CLARA, CA (May 29th, 2013) – GameFuse, a leading publisher of free-to-play online games, is pleased to announce that Kings and Legends Global, a highly addictive and competitive trading card game (TCG) with MMO and RPG twists, is now available worldwide on

“We are proud to present Kings and Legends Global on GameFuse,” says Henry Law, Producer of Kings and Legends Global. “Players can expect in-depth and challenging gameplay that consists of seemingly endless content, monthly new cards, numerous and rich events, and a strong gaming community.”

Kings and Legends Global offers players robust and enjoyable gameplay with numerous features that combine the best of the TCG and MMORPG genres right in your browser. In Kings and Legends Global, players literally determine their own fate with hundreds of uniquely customizable cards, all of which can be enhanced and/or traded to create unique and powerful decks. The game requires players to think strategically in order to take down their opponents in battlegrounds and boss battles that are certain to challenge their will and power. Players can also group up with friends to create an alliance in the Guild Hall, or pit themselves against the trials and tribulations of Challenge Hall and Ascension Tower, each of which provide epic loot to those able to survive the encounter.

In celebration of the launch, players that log in during May 29th – July 1st will receive a special party pack. Also, each week players can take part in a Player vs Player (PvP) tournament for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and a prize pack containing 100 in-game gold.

Play Kings and Legends Global now. For more information on events, rules, and updates, please visit Kings and Legends Global forum or join us on the GameFuse Facebook page.

Watch Kings and Legends Global Trailer:

° Uniquely Customizable Deck – Collect and enhance hundreds of creature and skill cards
° 4 Classes with 7 Distinctive Races – Choose between four different classes and build your deck with cards from seven distinct factions
° PvP Arena – Compete in 1v1 battles or group up with friends to face off against a number of opponents
° Challenge Mode – Take on powerful bosses in Challenge Hall with up to 3 other players.
° Ascension Tower – Fight your way through 59 levels of increasingly powerful enemies to claim victory.
° Crafting System – Experience the freedom of creating, fusing, combining, and extracting in order to construct increasingly powerful cards
° Auction House – Use the in-game auction house to buy and sell unique items and special cards with other players
° Guild Hall – Build friendships and assemble a team to advance your guild and unlock special in-game bonuses
° Strategic and Tactical – Building a deck is not enough; you’ll need strategy, skill, and a little luck to crush your opponents

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