Joy for TLBB in Shanghai
Company: ChangYou
Cosplay girls, spectacular stages and one beautiful game. How one of Chinaís most successful MMOs managed to capture the eye of thousands of visitors at the 2010 ChinaJoy spectacle.

On a weekend where most Chinese modelling agencies can rest assured that business will be open as usual for at least another year, the Far Eastís version of E3 was swarming with thousands of visitors surrounded by some of the best games on the Asian market.

With around 200 exhibitors on site, top game publishers were proud to display one of the most exciting and impressive stages among the array of cosplay aficionados at this yearís ChinaJoy event. And with top titles such as TLBB (now available in Europe) sweeping audiences worldwide, has witnessed a remarkable surge in players and fans who turned up to impress with their own version of TLBB cosplay.

Not only were they poised to show their loyalty towards the martial arts based MMO, but they donned some of the most flamboyant and vibrant outfits photographed in the Shanghai International Convention Centre. Needless to say, the cosplay girls surrounding the event also sparked much of the interest from visitors, one of whom described the event as ďa great place to enjoy the true atmosphere of gaming and the strong community feel it brings to China, the eye candy wasnít bad eitherĒ.

When asked about TLBB, one visitor said ďthe show looked fantastic, the costumes, the designs, the people; everyone was in a fantastic mood. Itís clear the game has a strong hold in the Chinese market and Iím glad itís spreading across western communitiesĒ.

TLBB boasts a devoted audience that spreads across each continent and, with reports that the upcoming month of August has a new development in the gamesí progress, many European fans are already anticipating the next chapter in this captivating MMO.

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