to launch Dragon Oath in Turkey
Company: ChangYou
23 June 2011— Leading free to play MMO publisher has announced it will soon be launching its flagship European title TLBB in Turkey, under the name Dragon Oath: Ejderha’nın Yemini.

Set in the rich and diverse world of Ancient China, Dragon Oath offers players a beautiful world of myth, magic and martial arts, designed specifically to run on low-spec machines. With a track record of proven success in the free to play MMO market, the new localised version is already causing quite a stir.

Marketing Director Christian-Peter Heimbach says: “We are very excited to be able to bring Dragon Oath to Turkey. With Closed Beta starting on the 24th June, our native Turkish community team is ready to make this one of the biggest free to play MMO releases in Turkey this year.”

At the forefront of ChangYou’s expansion into the Turkish market, Community Manager Kalseru has lined up a series of events designed to challenge players’ strength and skill in battle. These include a once-in-a-lifetime ‘Doomsday’ event where as the Closed Beta comes to an end the Dragon Oath world will be ripped apart and swarmed with some of the most ferocious and powerful bosses in the Dragon Oath world.

To coincide with the start of the Dragon Oath Beta on the 24th June, has launched a brand-new community website containing a whole wealth of information for new players to explore. With guides ranging from an in-depth look at each of Dragon Oath’s 9 classes, to the subtleties of PvP, and the Guild system, there is plenty of material for gamers to digest ready for Open Beta which is only a few short weeks away.

For more information on Dragon Oath: Ejderha'nın Yemini, join the Dragon Oath Facebook Page. You can also sign up to the Dragon Oath newsletter for your chance to receive Beta keys sent directly to your inbox.

Welcome to Dragon Oath — unleash the warrior within.
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