Choco Snow Creation Announces Rainbow Drops Buster Deluxe
February 16, 2005 Choco Snow Creation announced the release of a captivating collapse/brick game that has much of a puzzle while offering several game modes ranging form fast-paced gameplay of a classic arcade to step-based logics\tactics. The objective of Rainbow Drops Buster Deluxe is to click groups of three or more adjacent rainbow drops of the same color thus making them disappear and letting other drops roll down forming other groups of drops. All in all, there are five possible game modes (Classic, Spring Tactics, Cloud-Burst, Rain Strategy and Flood Nonstop) and two levels of difficulty. The progressive scoring system makes it more prominent to try to play on higher levels in order to get better score while there are five bonus drop types (Line Freeze, Color Bomb, Lines Buster, Swap Drops and Nuke Drop) to make player's life easier!

Rainbow Drops Buster Deluxe is intended for PC users of all ages: while kids would love clicking live colorful rainbow drops that blink with their eyes and smile, the grown-ups would definitely enjoy unlimited combinational thinking challenges offered by this game at more difficult levels. The game features gorgeous graphics, thrilling sound and video effects as well as high quality background music that creates the captivating atmosphere of a truly unusual game.

"The majority of brick/collapse games offers slightly one-sided gameplay: it is usually a logic\puzzle game with no ways for imagination, all line cuts happen in standard patterns, which makes the game less playable after certain amount of time," - said Denis Kozhukhov, the CEO of Choco Snow Creation. "When creating Rainbow Drops Buster Deluxe we utilized the completely different approach: the way rainbow drops behave creates unlimited space for imagination and combinatory thinking. Moreover, the combination of game genres allowed us to offer a player five different games in one package!"

According to Mr. Kozhukhov, "Choco Snow Creation did its very best to come up with fun and addictive entertainment product for kids and adults who sense the spirit of original brick games while expecting more from a modern product!"

About Choco Snow Creation
Founded in 2000, Choco Snow Creation specializes in developing high quality games for PC/Windows platform. As of now, the company offers a variety of game products intended for virtually all ages and genre preferences. The company utilizes latest technologies as well as talents of many artists and designers to bring quality visually-rich products to the Windows games market.
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