Tibia - Coming to a Browser Near You
Company: CipSoft GmbH
Regensburg, August 31, 2012 – Tibia can now be played in the browser. CipSoft removed the beta label of the Flash client today.

Tibia has been continually online for 15 years, so it is one of the oldest MMORPGs on the market. Updates are not a big issue in the game, as Tibia's content is updated on a regular basis. The release of a completely new client, however, is a different story altogether, as this is not the kind of thing you do very often. Now, however, CipSoft has done just that and treated its flagship game to a whole new client, which is running under Flash. After a full year of intensive testing, CipSoft is proud to announce that the Tibia Flash client's beta label has finally been removed.

"The Flash client is not just a simple porting of the existing client to a new platform.”, as Tibia's Lead Product Manager Florian Jumah-Eckert explains. “We’ve created a completely new client. A wealth of experience collected over a period of 15 years of client development as well as tons of ideas from our community have been put into this project."

The most striking advantage of the Flash client is, of course, the complete lack of need to perform any installation process whatsoever. This will not only facilitate the players' first steps in the game, but it will also pave the way to new distribution channels and partners for Tibia. What's more, both the number of the game's functionalities as well as that its configuration options will be increased significantly. For example, game settings will from now on be saved on the game servers rather than on local systems, which means that Tibia players can always use their favourite GUI settings regardless of which location or computer they log in.

„As of now, Tibia is a browsergame. After 15 years, this is indeed quite a change for us. Still, Tibia is and always will be a hardcore MMORPG. This is something that will never ever change.” Jumah-Eckert promises.

The option to integrate Tibia into other platforms is not excluded, though there are no concrete plans at this point of time.
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