Codemasters Releases First Second Sight PC Trailer
Company: Codemasters
New York (January 20, 2005) – Prepare for a psychic blast on PC as Second Sight, the first PC title from Free Radical Design, the creators of the TimeSplitters series, ships in February.

Glimpse the future of stealth action adventure gaming in the new PC video now at (in Downloads).

Delivering a gripping playing experience, Second Sight combines an atmospheric, thriller narrative with paranormal psychic abilities, stealthy exploration and intense shooter action.

Lead John Vattic, a former researcher, as he attempts to unravel a mystery that led to his imprisonment in a maximum security Medical Research Facility. As he makes his escape, Vattic discovers that he is empowered with amazing psychic abilities, capable of manipulating people and the surrounding environment.

Providing a totally fresh play dynamic, gameplay offers multiple approaches to completing levels either via stealth, dramatic gunplay, psychic powers or a combination of all three.

Thanks to an incredibly realistic freeform physics engine, Vattic’s psychic powers enable him to perform supernatural moves. Levitate an unconscious guard, using telekinesis to send him flying across the room or use Psi Pulse to send a ball of psychic energy hurtling towards opponents.

For a subtler approach there, are abilities such as Projection: send an ethereal version of Vattic, invisible to enemies, ahead to scout areas. Use Possession to take control of a guard’s body and make him do the hard work for you!

Vattic can even Charm opponents, tricking their mind into believing he’s not there. Throughout, however, keep a careful eye on the balance of Vattic’s health and psychic power – the more you do, the more it dissipates.

As a new landmark in stealth action and an exceptional project from Free Radical Design, Codemasters will publish the PC edition of Second Sight in February. See what the future holds with the new PC video, now available from

Codemasters is a global interactive entertainment company with offices in New York City, England, France, Spain, Holland and Germany. Founded in the UK in 1986, Codemasters publishes award-winning software for the PC, next generation video game consoles and online gaming. Codemasters develops original titles such as Operation Flashpoint (PC Game-of-the-year) and ToCA Race Driver, as well as games based on top licensed properties including American Idol, MTV Music Generator and IndyCar Series. Additional information about Codemasters and its products can be found at

Founded in 1999, Free Radical Design Ltd is a wholly independent videogames developer based in Nottingham, UK. Recently, Free Radical Design was the winner of Develop magazines 'Best Independent Developer' Award, and TimeSplitters 2 received 5 nominations for the 2004 BAFTA Games Awards. Second Sight, TimeSplitters and Free Radical Design are trademarks or registered trademarks of Free Radical Design Ltd.
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