Next-Gen Handling Engine, Comprehensive Championship Features, New Audio Technology and Enhanced Rendering Engine Featured in New Screens
Company: Codemasters

Drawing on more than eight years of racing game development expertise with the TOCA series, Codemasters, a leading global publisher of interactive entertainment, is set to lap the competition with TOCA Race Driver 2006 when it launches this winter for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and PC.

TOCA Race Driver 2006 will deliver the most detailed and involved motor sport experience on current generation systems with a new generation of the series’ proprietary handling engine, full car damage modeling and an enhanced human AI system. For additional depth and realism, Codemasters will kick up the juice on TOCA Race Driver 2006 even further with the inclusion of detailed race rules and regulations in the game’s Pro Career mode.

Offering the most comprehensive and customizable championship features in both offline and online racing, in TOCA Race Driver 2006 players can choose to activate qualifying, race flags, pit stop refueling and tire strategies from more than 100 different motor sport championships featured. Optional practice sessions, car tuning, race lengths and car part upgrades -- where championship rules allow – further enhance the authentic racing action.

To capture the sheer noise of real championship racing and put players at the starting line, TOCA Race Driver 2006’s audio engineers have developed a new sound system. Providing phenomenal depth of sound and a level of clarity never before heard on a racing game, the new system will deliver 40 times the audio assets, per vehicle, over TOCA 2.

While other driving games have claimed to have perfectly “recorded” a car noise, it’s the playback that’s important to get the realistic sounds of a real race day. TOCA Race Driver 2006’s system actually brings out specific racing sounds from pushing the throttle, engine revs, exhaust and more, and mixes them into the game to create the thunderous noise of a racing event.

TOCA Race Driver 2006 will also have an enhanced rendering engine to make the game even more visually rich and graphically detailed. New features include normal mapping to add to the detail of the cars and environments, such as rumble strips, road surface, barriers, shut lines, filler caps and vents on the cars; multi-textured surfaces to bring spectacular effects to track objects, circuits and new postproduction effects; and enhanced depth of field and motion blur. Most importantly, the racing action will zip along at a super-smooth 60 frames-per-second, even with up to 21 cars in high-speed competition on screen at once!

TOCA Race Driver 2006 gives racing fans the most authentic motor sport racing experience to date. Additional features for the true racing expert include the game’s Pro Career mode, featuring seven different career paths, each specializing in an individual motor sport discipline including GT, Off Road, Touring Cars, Historic, Open Wheel, Rally and Oval. Alternatively, players can jump straight into World Tour mode and experience some of the world’s most powerful cars and see those tires screech under full power in this fast fix of race gaming.

Packed with fully licensed racing cars, each of them a true icon from the world of motor sport, get your engines started this winter as TOCA Race Driver 2006 comes to PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and PC. For more info visit the game’s website at:

TOCA Race Driver 2006 will be published as TOCA Race Driver 3 in Europe.
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