It's Touch Screen Tennis as Rafa Nadal Comes to Nintendo DS on December 27th
Company: Codemasters
Rafa Nadal Tennisâ„¢, the unique tennis title headlined by the world number 2 in the ATP rankings, will launch on December 27th Codemasters confirmed today. Prospective players can check the game, set and match action in the new video preview, now available online at

Designed exclusively for the Nintendo DSâ„¢, Rafa Nadal Tennis serves up an innovative and fast-paced game of tennis with unprecedented shot control via the touch screen. Using the stylus as both a directional pointer and as a racquet, players can move their tennis professional around the court and execute stunning serves, lobs, drop shots and power shots by sweeping the stylus across the touch screen.

Rafa Nadal Tennis offers a trio of single-player game modes including Quick Match and a full Career Mode, which sees players creating their own personalised professional and then travelling the world to become the best player on the circuit. A full tutorial mode, Tennis School, trains players in perfecting stylus movements to deliver precise shots. There’s also an option to switch between stylus and the traditional + Control Pad; the tutorial will adapt the contents of the lessons accordingly.

Up to four players can take to the court for brilliant multiplayer doubles or one-on-one single matches over wireless, even if the other players don’t have a copy of the game. The single-card wireless multiplayer mode enables up to four players to join a match from one copy of the game. A more extensive multi-card multiplayer mode offers additional choice over court types and players.

Developed by Madrid-based Virtual Toys, Rafa Nadal Tennis will deliver a smashing game of touch screen tennis when it’s published on December 27th for Nintendo DS. For more and the new video preview, visit
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