Minion mayhem set for Overlordâ„¢, coming this summer to Xbox 360 and PC
Company: Codemasters
New Overlord trailer video now available at

Minion mayhem is coming to game screens this summer in Overlordâ„¢, a title that gives players a horde of gremlin-like critters and a land to set them loose in. Created by Triumph Studios and to be published by Codemasters, discover the minions in the Overlordâ„¢ teaser video, released today at

The minions, who together form an army that is yours to directly control, are the key play mechanic in Overlordâ„¢. Totally loyal to their Overlord, the minions will use their unique skills to fetch, fight and even die for you. Their loyalty knows no limits and their bravery borders on stupidity but, with every bone in their odd little bodies, they will follow your command no matter how despotic or, for the minions, life threatening it is.

Minions are controlled by either moving the horde as a group (with the right analogue stick or mouse) or by firing them with a button press like some destruction-crazed, reusable missiles. Players will be able to send individuals or select a posse from their accompanying horde.

Once a minion has been dispatched on a job, its little minion brain kicks in to determine the best course of action. If it's sent to kill a sheep, it will attack, then automatically pickup and return with the sheep's lifeforce, which can then be used to make more minions. They'll also carry objects, including huge ones if they work together, operate mechanisms and get to places where the Overlord can not.

And the thing with minions is that they grow alongside you, getting a bit more evil and powerful all the time. Opportunists by nature, if they can rob an opponent of a mighty axe to wield themselves, or steal some armour to wear for protection, they will. Axes, knives, chef's hats, pitchforks or even pumpkins… minions aren't fussy as long as it gives them the fighting edge.

As well as weapons and armour for themselves, they'll return to you with gold and goodies. They have their weaknesses though: the beautiful (if fatal) succubus can lure them to their deaths and they're easily distracted from their missions by music and beer (which makes them more violent and out of control than normal).

As Overlord, you can amass an army of 50 minions (with hundreds in reserve) made up of four different breeds:

• Brown Minions – The Fighters. These are the strongest minions in general combat. They pick up equipment from defeated foes and use it – pitchforks, severed unicorn horns and the like

• Red Minions – The Fire Throwers. These minions are like archers who hurl blazing fireballs to defeat opponents from a distance. Also, immune to fire, they can clear dangerous paths for the rest of your horde

• Green Minions – The Assassins love their stealth attacks. They'll try to get behind an enemy, jump on its back and then stab it viciously to death – great for ambushes. They're also immune to poisoning and can turn rubbish left on the battlefield into upgrades.
• Blue Minions – The Healers are the smartest of the minions and the only ones who can swim. They can also resurrect fallen minions, ready to join the fight once again.

Use them tactically and your minions will always be there for you, ready to sacrifice themselves just to save your illustrious Overlord arse. Prepare to make the most of it when Overlordâ„¢ comes to the Xbox 360â„¢ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC this summer. For the new Overlordâ„¢ trailer and the latest minion-infested screenshots, lord it over to
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