Evilness abounds as Codemasters Unleashes the Latest overlord Trailer
Company: Codemasters
Command a horde of minions, conquer a warped fantasy world, rebuild the Dark Tower and become the ultimate ruler… That's essentially your 'To Do' list in Overlord™, the twisted action RPG developed by Triumph Studios and to be published by Codemasters this June. Sample the evilness that awaits in the all new trailer video, now available to download from www.codemasters.com/overlord or to view online at www.youtube.com/codiesgames

In Overlord™, players begin the game as a wonderfully despotic character complete with a small team of loyal minion side-kicks. As areas of the kingdom are conquered, the Overlord grows in might to become the supremely powerful force, equipped with devastating spells and a devoted minion horde at his command. It's like character building on steroids…

As the Overlord develops, so does his need for ever more effective armour and weaponry. Giant smelters containing rare metals 'recovered' on pillaging raids can forge heavy-duty weaponry that reflects your growing magnificence. Along with the metals, the odd minion soul can also be thrown in to the forge's fire to enchant new items… a few hundred fiery Red minions tossed into smelter will make for a suitably impressive flaming sword.

After commanding minions and conquering the land, the Overlord still has a base to rebuild. At the beginning, your tower is in ruins. As lands are claimed, artefacts looted and enemies slain, it is restored to its former glory as your imposing Dark Tower, inhabited by hundreds of minions.

Within the Dark Tower is the Throne Room; from here travel to and from the outside world via the Tower Portal. Down in the Dungeon, specimens of defeated enemies are kept in readiness for the Overlord and your minion horde to have a bit of fun with. Meanwhile, in the Overlord's Private Quarters, take a break from world domination and enjoy the company of your mistress…

No-one said it was going to easy being a tyrant so, ahead of the game's launch this June for the Xbox 360â„¢ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC, take a glimpse of what it means to be a true Overlord in the new video now available to view and download from www.codemasters.com/overlord
or view online at www.youtube.com/codiesgames

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