In Turning Pointâ„¢: Fall of Liberty war is personal
Company: Codemasters
Introductory gameplay video now available from (in Downloads)

Turning Point™: Fall of Liberty, the forthcoming alternate-reality World War II FPS from Spark Unlimited, is set to make war a very personal experience as revealed in the first gameplay video, released today and available from (in ‘Downloads’).

Already dealing with a turning point in time, one that begins with Churchill being killed in a car accident that ultimately leads to the Axis takeover of the U.S., Turning Point: Fall of Liberty’s fiction also deals with a turning point for the game’s central character, Dan Carson.

As Turning Point: Fall of Liberty opens, Carson, a New York City construction worker, is high up working on the girders of a partially built skyscraper in downtown Manhattan. From this vantage point, Carson witnesses the Nazi invasion: battleships breach New York harbor and the skies fill with Zeppelins, assault blimps and jet aircraft.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty gives players a unique sense of empowerment as they take the role of Carson, a civilian caught in the middle of these new battlegrounds. As a man on his own, with no immediate plan and no weapons other than those that can be scavenged, Carson runs for his life, trapped is caught in a city under a devastating attack from advanced Nazi military technology and firepower.

Climbing and leaping from level to level, Carson attempts to escape the building before it’s razed to the ground. Paratroopers descend on the structure and must be dealt with as they are encountered. Unarmed, Carson engages his foes in hand to hand combat. This unique grappling system is played out from a third-person viewpoint, showcasing the brutal tactics the street-smart Carson will have to employ to stay alive.

As this intense opening unfolds, Carson eventually reaches the relative cover of street level and joins forces with the American resistance movement; this is his turning point as he becomes part of the underground defence initiative. From here, in this dramatically changed WWII, players will fight on the other side of war – one where they’re not part of the invading superpower’s army, but a resisting force on home ground reliant on their wits and guerrilla tactics.

Prepare to fight afresh through the invasion of Manhattan, the occupation of Washington D.C., and, ultimately, retaliate on an even wider scale in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty coming early in 2008 for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Games for Windows®.

See Carson in action and learn more online at (in ‘Downloads’).
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