Codeplay sets out to wreck NASCAR® The Game 2011™
Company: Codeplay
Scottish games technology company Codeplay has announced its collaboration with leading game development studio Eutechnyx on the recent release of NASCAR® The Game 2011™ published by Activision Blizzard. In collaboration with Eutechnyx, Codeplay developed the game's real-time car damage system, accurately simulating fully deformable metal damage empowering visually stunning effects, to an extent never before seen in a video game.

For Codeplay, traditionally a tools company with over a decade’s experience, the move into games technology development marks a significant expansion in its portfolio of services.

“At Codeplay we have the expertise to develop extremely complex and innovative games technology for clients. Our strength is in our deep understanding of the hardware and its capabilities. This allows us to efficiently implement new hard technical features, improve performance and optimise existing game code. We hope the games industry will see Codeplay as the go-to company for sophisticated technical outsourcing and that this will be the first of many collaborations with developers.” remarked Andrew Richards, Codeplay CEO.

Codeplay’s developers worked off-site with the team at Eutechnyx for around 15 months, applying their low-level programming expertise modifying and adding to Eutechnyx’ existing Play S tation®3 and Xbox 360™ engine code base.

Dave Thompson, Executive Producer of NASCAR The Game 2011, said: “Eutechnyx has a long term relationship with the team at Codeplay who consistently deliver great work on time and on budget. Working with our existing engine, the guys have delivered unsurpassed damage modeling in the tough technical environment of a 43 car race. I would have no hesitation in using Codeplay’s services in future Eutechnyx games.”

On the damage technology, Colin Riley, Director of Games Development at Codeplay said: “Damage as accurate and extreme as this hasn't been implemented successfully before. Car damage is usually pre-modeled, scripted, and repetitive. We're defying the genre - no two crashes look the same, it's a different experience each time you play”.

Codeplay also provided optimisation to the PlayStation®3 version of the game, utilising its own Offload™ suite of tools, visit for more information on the company.
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