Sanctum 2 Third DDLC Expansion Update to Release on October 25
Skövde, Sweden – October 22, 2013 – Acclaimed indie development team Coffee Stain Studios announced today its third DLC expansion pack for Sanctum 2 on PC, the inventive fusion of tower-defense and first-person shooter genres, will release on October 25 via Steam. In Sanctum 2: The Pursuit players will pursue a major enemy from the end of the second DLC storyline – Ruins of Brightholme –and will discover impressive weapons, powerful tower options, fun perks, and much more in this thrilling DLC update.

“We had a lot of fun developing this segment of the Sanctum 2 storyline,” said Anton Westberg, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios. “With The Pursuit, we wanted to make it even more action oriented as players chase down an arch enemy. I think the thrilling hunt combined with the cool new options make this one of the more entertaining DLC updates.”

The new Drone Launcher, a featured weapon in Sanctum 2: The Pursuit

The Pursuit Key Features:

Rad Weaponry – Take advantage of two new weapons: Grenade Launcher and Drone Launcher. The Grenade Launcher fires bouncing explosives that includes a cluster grenade option while the Drone Launcher sends smart aerial drones to attack enemies in a swarm of laser fire or a “suicide option” where drones crash into foes for explosive damage.
Towers of Power – Two new towers power-up the available defensive options. The Friendship Laser fires a single-shot laser and will also channel laser power to neighboring Friendship Laser towers, amplifying damage against monsters. The Mind Control Spire changes enemies into allies that attack other monsters for a few seconds.
Tougher Opposition – New adversaries include the aggressive and highly armored Heavy Pup and the flying Bliskeblaske that changes when taking damage into a more hardened, defensive form.
Sweet Perks – Seven new perks give gamers additional skills including the ability to call for defensive shield reinforcements, increased damage when firing next to a tower, and the lightning “Zeus Module” that dramatically upgrades tower damage.
Four Additional Map s – Each of the four new map levels are introduced with their own comic book style pages, giving players a deeper view into The Pursuit story.

Sanctum 2: The Pursuit DLC expansion pack will be available on PC via Steam for $4.99. Fans should take advantage of the Sanctum 2 Season Pass for $11.99 to enjoy all previous DLC updates as well as having access to the fourth and final DLC installment.

Sanctum 2 is now available worldwide for $14.99 on PC, Xbox LIVE® and the PlayStation®Network. For the latest news and updates on Sanctum 2, visit, ‘Like’ the game on Facebook and follow the development team @Coffee_Stain.

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