Colony Studios Releases New Universe Online Videos
RENO, NEVADA – AUGUST 2, 2007 -- Colony Studios, which announced its formation in April with a team of MMOG veterans, today released a new video and screen shots of their new MMOG codenamed Universe Online.

Early last week the company exclusively released three short “teaser” videos followed at week’s end by three longer videos, all of which are available at starting today.

Colony Studios CEO Mike Wallis attributes this rapid rate of content creation to a talented, experienced team, and their use of Simutronics’ Hero Engine.

“Our team has an extraordinary level of MMO development experience, having worked on some of the most popular MMOs including World of Warcraft, EVE Online, City of Heroes, Dark Age of Camelot, Lord of the Rings Online, Everquest, and Ultima Online,” says Wallis. “The Colony team has been able to take someone else’s technology and customize it quickly & successfully in order to suit our design needs. Part of this is due to the team’s level of experience, but it is also due to the Hero Engine’s ease of use and robust capabilities. Simutronics has not only provided top tier support when needed, but they helped our staff hit the ground running with their extensive training sessions.”

“HeroEngine changes the way MMO titles are built, greatly accelerating the process and eliminating the speed bumps like stopping for builds,” says David Whatley, CEO of Simutronics and visionary behind HeroEngine. “HeroEngine is designed, from the bottom up, to enable to an intensely collaborative, real-time process. This powerful new paradigm allows large teams, regardless of where their personnel are located, to work together on even the most elaborate and complex MMO projects.”

Wallis continues, “The goal of Universe Online is to provide online gamers the experiences we believe they are looking for. Universe Online provides the perfect blend of strategy, twitch, and turn-based combat mechanics making each class of ship a unique and visceral experience where player skill and sound tactical thinking make the difference.”

Another goal of Universe Online is to provide players with a deep and meaningful existence within the game. Players form the universe they play in by taking an active role in the success of their faction. Everything a player does, from the smallest mission run to colonization or annihilation of a planet, weighs in on how their faction views them. In Universe Online, war is everything and everywhere; you’re in it to win!

Universe Online is currently scheduled for a late 2009 release.

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