Com2uS Announces Action Hero 3D for Verizon Mobile Phones
Company: Com2us
Los Angeles, Calif. - Jan. 30, 2008 - Com2uS, a leading provider of mobile entertainment, today announced the launch of Action Hero 3D on Verizon mobile phones.

Action Hero 3D, the follow-up to the hit mobile game Super Action Hero, is a fully 3D mobile game with dynamic sound and camerawork. An action-adventure romp with 206 stages to explore, and 26 challenging bosses to defeat, Action Hero 3D has a fighting system including combo punches and kicks, yet game control is even easy for the beginners.

"Action Hero 3D combines cutting-edge graphics with engaging gameplay to create a truly memorable mobile-gaming experience," said Don Lim, general manager, Com2uS America. "We believe high-quality games like this are the future of mobile gaming."

Already popular in Asia, Action Hero 3D was awarded the Grand Prix Award and the 2007 Gold Award at the Korean Ministry of Information and Communications' Digital Content Awards. Action Hero 3D was honored for its advancement of mobile 3D gaming. With 3D graphics emerging as the future of mobile gaming, Com2uS, and Action Hero 3D in particular, are leading the way.

Action Hero 3D features include:

Multiple sound effects (rare among mobile games-most only support single sound effects).
High-quality, realistic 3D graphics.
Extensive content: 206 maps and 26 characters to interact with.
Creative and unique camera effects.
Engaging art style and a comical storyline.

Verizon subscribers can purchase Action Hero 3D in the "Get It Now" section of the Verizon Web site, under "Action Games." Action Hero 3D is also available to Helio subscribers, and can be purchased at

About Com2uS
Com2uS Corporation, established in July 1998, became the first and leading mobile entertainment provider in Korea. Since then, Com2uS has developed a reputation for creating innovative and entertaining games and applications around the world, which are available in over 40 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.
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