Quazal Gets a Craving for New Games
Montreal, Quebec (June 1st, 2005) – Quazal, makers of the Net-Z and Rendez-Vous online multiplayer middleware, and Crave Entertainment, a leading publisher of interactive games for home consoles and handheld systems announce today that Crave has selected Quazal’s Rendez-Vous and Net-Z online technology to be used in two upcoming games, SnoCross 2 and World Championship Poker 2.

The two new titles were announced and displayed at last month’s E3 trade show, and are in development at Sensory Sweep and Point of View, Inc.

“Working with Crave Entertainment and their teams on these two games has been great,” said Mike Drummelsmith, Developer Relations Manager of Quazal. “For one title, we came on late in development, allowing us to show Rendez-Vous’ ease of use, and on the other title, there are some great ideas that require Rendez-Vous’ flexibility and extensibility to implement. It’s a great test of our system all around.”

By using Quazal’s Net-Z and Rendez-Vous technologies, the teams working with Crave have lowered the risk of online development without compromising the quality of the online experience.

“When we first started looking at the Rendez-Vous technology, we realized that a lot of the wish list ideas we had suddenly became possible,” stated Rob Sandberg of Point of View Studios. “Having the ability to extend the system in a myriad of ways really opens the door for developers to implement some really unique lobby systems.”

Look for both titles later this year from Crave Entertainment. Developers interested in Quazal's technologies can visit http://www.quazal.com for more information, or e-mail info@quazal.com.
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