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CANTON, Mass. (March 7, 2013) – Creat Studios is pleased to announce next week’s launch of Psych Yourself, the follow-up game title to the 2011 PlayStation® Network best-seller, Test Yourself: Psychology! Explore the bounds of your creativity, master your emotions, and propel your perception abilities to powerful new heights. Psych Yourself launches Tuesday, March 12 in North America for $6.99 and Wednesday, March 13 in Europe for €6.99.

From the makers of the original Test Yourself: Psychology and its add-on packs Attention and Memory, the new and enhanced Psych Yourself comes fully loaded with interactive tests and games based on scientific methodologies. Combining psychological science with interactive fun, Psych Yourself delivers expert analysis of Creativity, Emotional IQ, and Perception capabilities with recommendations for personal growth. Prepare to electrify your brain and discover the power of your personality with Psych Yourself.

“Psych Yourself provides the game consumer with a whole new experience,” says Vlad Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat Studios Inc. “Test Yourself was good at testing and training your innate abilities such as Intelligence, Attention Span, Reaction Times and Memory. Psych Yourself goes to the next level, delving into your inner-most psyche and discovering what kind of person you really are.”

Psych Yourself is geared with unending gameplay and social features, including the ability to track the average evaluation of you from multiple friends to get a bigger picture for how you are perceived. Online leader-boards are available for all primary testing and training categories. An extensive and thought-provoking library is included, with interesting facts, figures and historical data, all presented in a fun and informative way.

Psych Yourself provides a 'Daily Test' that gives an in-depth, professional evaluation of your performance andtraining modes to practice. Users can play separate games that further enhance their abilities. Extensive video clips go beyond still images as part of the 'Emotional IQ' tests. Just how well can you read other people? Psych Yourself is a sure-winner for cranial athletes!

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