Velocity Ultra Lands on PlayStation 3 Today
Company: Curve Studios
London, UK – 12.11.2013 – Velocity Ultra is now available to buy on the PSN Store in North America and Europe, with an Asian release coming later this year. The game is available for £6.49 / $9.99 / €8.99 and marks the first time the award-winning shooter has been available outside of the PlayStation Vita. Please note the original reported price of $7.49 was an erorr on the PlayStation Blog and is not correct.

It’s not hyperbole to describe the Vita version as one of the best games ever made for the system – in fact, it ranks as one of the highest rated Metacritic titles, and its Vita launch earned it several 9/10 reviews, as portrayed in this excellent video.

Curve Studios have been in charge of bringing the game to the PlayStation 3, and have spent the last two months working on making sure the console version retains every thrill, explosion and action-fuelled level of its Vita counterpart.

“Working with Sony has been an amazing experience for us, so we’re really happy to be able to bring the game to more PlayStation fans with the help of Curve.” said James Marsden, Managing Director of FuturLab. “We’re proud of the work Curve have put into the PlayStation 3 version and hope that it gives thousands more gamers the chance to check out our game.”

The game is the fifth game developed by Curve Studios and published by Curve Digital since the publisher was founded earlier in the year.

Jason Perkins, “We’ve become known for bringing PC games over to PlayStation consoles, so working with Velocity and bringing a Vita game to another PlayStation audience was a different challenge, but one that we’ve enjoyed greatly. FuturLab have created an amazing title and we’re honoured to be a part of its legacy.”

A PC version of Velocity Ultra is planned for release this Christmas and will be available to buy via Steam.

Praise for Velocity Ultra (PlayStation Vita):
“It’s a game that leads by example, never keeping still while making sure you do likewise, and is every bit as essential now as it was 12 months ago.” – Edge

“ Velocity Ultra looks, plays, and sometimes feels like a traditional vertical scrolling shooter, but has a level of accessibility and innovation that separates it from comparable games” – Game Informer

“It looks great, it sounds great and it plays great. It is, quite simply, just a great game, and a must-have for Vita owners.” – Gaming Age

About Velocity Ultra
Released on PlayStation Vita in 2013 and quickly rising to become one of the highest rated PlayStation Vita games ever, Velocity Ultra is a native remake of the original PlayStation Mini title, Velocity. Combining traditional vertical shooter gameplay with puzzle elements, players take control of the Quarp Jet – a teleporting spacecraft – to fight and boost their way through ever more challenging levels and teleportation puzzles.

About Curve Digital
Founded in 2012, Curve Digital publishes original IP and enhanced conversions of popular independent video games. Working with high profile developers such as Jasper Byrne (Lone Survivor) and Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone), Curve Digital helps individuals and small teams bring their games to a larger audience on popular console formats, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Wii-U.
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