Curve Digital and Jamit Games Launch Party Game Jump Stars On PlayStation®4 Today
Company: Curve Studios
[LONDON – June 6, 2017] Grab a group of friends and jump into the ultimate party game as Jamit Games and Curve Digital launch local multiplayer, cooperative party game Jump Stars on PlayStation 4 today for $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99. Jump Stars will also release on Xbox One and PC via Steam this Friday, June 9th for the same price.

In this bizarre game show players compete in a selection of unique minigames, each of which wraps a simple premise around a devious twist. Players must cooperate as a team to earn high scores to advance through the show before jumping, punching, breaking, munching, exploding and crunching teammates out of the way to steal first place.

“Jump Stars shakes up the genre by providing players with simultaneous competitive and cooperative goals that make for the most robust party game experience,” said Jordan Morris, creative director of Jamit Games. “Players must work together in order to pass levels, but the teamwork ends there as players will attack their competitors and earn individual achievements to see who reigns supreme.”

In Jump Stars players strive to reach "The Gauntlet" for fame and fortune by earning enough team score in each of the four random minigames chosen by the ominously cuckoo host in "Tournament." Or they can build a line-up of challenges by selecting from an array of unique minigames across 25 different settings in "My Show."

For more information on Jump Stars, please visit the game’s website, Steam page or Curve Digital’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

About Curve Digital
Curve Digital is the leading publisher of independent video games on PC and consoles in the world. Working with high profile developers such as The Chinese Room (Dear Esther), The Molasses Flood (The Flame in the Flood) and Bithell Games (Thomas Was Alone), Curve helps individuals, small teams and established studios bring their games to a larger audience.

About Jamit Games
Jamit Games is an independent games studio based in Brighton with a passion for developing innovative and stimulating multiplayer games that entertain and excite people of all ages.
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