The Blood Bowl®: Star Coach™ Open Beta kicks-off!
Paris, 04th June 2013 – Announced two months ago, Blood Bowl®: Star Coach™ is now into its final phase of development. This is why Cyanide has decided to make the game available as an Early Access title on Steam.

Thanks to player feedback, the studio will be able to make updates in order to improve the game experience and to correct any errors. Moreover, this decision helps to maintain a great relationship with players and it will mean that game development is steered by the various remarks and suggestions made. Being able to communicate early on with fans during the launch phase of the game is an important factor for gaining loads of great feedback!

Blood Bowl®: Star Coach™ is free. It will be gradually updated with new content, either directly into the game or via the store. Additional pre-defined tactics, new training bots for practice games, boosters as well as new teams to coach are all planned. This Beta represents a major event for the studio, given that it plans to release the game on other platforms such as tablets, PCs and Macs.

To thank the first players for their contribution to this Beta, Cyanide will offer a pack of Cyans, usable in-game when Blood Bowl®: Star Coach™ is officially launched.

Blood Bowl®: Star Coach™ is a tactical, free-to-play game, in which the player is placed at the head of blood thirstry, glory hunting football team. Dwarfs, elves, humans and a host of other fantasy creatures will be your keys to victory. It's up to the coach to create his team and to set up the various defense and offence tactics. That done, there's no relaxing as matches are played in a no-holds-barred atmosphere with little guarantee that players will escape unscathed. Fortunately, a replay mode allows the coach to understand his tactical errors and to pinpoint strategies worth repeating. It’s a new game whose aim is to create a hitherto unpublished experience which mixes team management and the Blood Bowl world.