Football Superstars – Set for a Retail Debut
Company: CyberSports
Football Superstars, the world’s first virtual football world is currently set to make its debut within the field of retail in Quarter Three of 2009. The launch of the MMO experience
‘in the box’ is set to become available at £19.99 and will offer the purchaser a wealth of new features. These extra features will immediately improve the end-users skill entry level, general professional experience and just as importantly their look, which will inevitably lead to a more enriched gaming and satisfying football experience.

Steve Marshall, Creative Director commented “ We are really excited to be in a position to offer a retail product and have some unique content appealing to both existing and new players alike making the box quite a collectors item. ”


- Create yourself and explore the world’s first virtual football environment then play as a single player in 3 / 5 / 7 & 11-a-side games, both indoor and outside with thousands of others from around the world.
- Train and develop your player by visiting gyms and purchasing skill moves and tricks from the in world trainers.
- Buy fully licensed items from Puma and Reebok to enhance your on pitch performance as their real world products would.
- Spend time with newspaper, radio and TV journalists to increase your fame rating and therefore your earning potential.
- Spend your salary on the most fashionable clothes and on socialising in some of the world’s exclusive bars and restaurants.
- Challenge yourself by becoming the owner and manager of your very own team in the PMC mode. Hire friends and organise matches against other, likeminded managers.

PLAY AS YOURSELF – Gone are the days of taking control of every player on the pitch – now you are responsible for one player and one player only – you. Whether you are playing 3, 5, 7 or 11 a side matches, you will need to play in position, play as a team and more importantly, play to WIN! In between games train your character in one of the gyms to stay on top of your game.

MANAGE YOUR OWN TEAM – Using Football Superstars’ PMC (Player Managed Club) system*, you will be able to create your own team right down to the kit and badge design. From there it is up to you to recruit REAL people to play and win for you. Manage them right and you will see your team rise up the Superstars League. Get it wrong however and you could have a player strike on your hands.

LIVE THE LIFE OF A FOOTBALL SUPERSTAR – The two towns of Alexander Bay and Clarkswater have plenty to offer the soon to be Superstar. Rise up the celebrity ranks and become a household name after appearing on TV, the Radio and in the Newspapers, spend your hard earned fortune on clothes, drinks and sports equipment. No longer are Football games just about what you do on the pitch.

“Premium” Edition Includes

3 months Premium Subscription – Own, manage and run your own PMC team as well as gaining access to exclusive in world content.

40 FS Bonds which can be converted into FS Dollars – enabling your player to buy training points, clothes and fame points.

Unique skill. Included in the pack is one of 4 animated skills that will give your player the edge on the pitch.

PUMA Training Kit (exclusive to the PREMIUM edition only) includes football shirt, football shorts & football socks.

PUMA v1.08 Speed Boots (exclusive to the PREMIUM edition only) this will enhance your characters speed on pitch.

Phil Booker, CyberSports Head of Sales and Marketing, said: “We’re all very excited about the launch of a retail version of Football Superstars. We already have over 300,000 registered users with the free to play version, however by introducing it to a new gaming audience through retail we feel that this will massively benefit the experience for all players. This retail version will also benefit our existing brands and widen our appeal to potential new advertisers.”

About CyberSports

Formed in 2006, CyberSports are focused on their goal of dominating the online sports game market by developing and publishing a new generation of MMOG’s; persistent 3D virtual multi-player sports worlds appealing to the widest possible global audience.

CyberSports are the publishers Football Superstars, a revolutionary MMOG which brings together the most realistic football simulation ever and a football-based aspirational persistent world.

Football Superstars will become the destination of choice for those who love playing and watching football.
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