Sadwick the Clown returns in Silence: The Whispered World II
Hamburg, Germany 15th January 2013: Acclaimed German publisher Daedalic Entertainment today announce Sadwick, the hero of The Whispered World, will feature as a playable character alongside Renie in the upcoming sequel Silence: The Whispered World II. The adventure game will release in late 2014 for PC and Mac.

Sixteen year old Noah, the young boy Sadwick once saw in the reflection, is all grown up and on the verge of losing his little sister Renie to the perils of war wreaking havoc in the real world. Separated in chaos of the bombs falling all around them, he soon finds himself alone and back in Silence where another war is raging on. In a bid to find his little sister in the curious world of dreams Noah, in the guise of Sadwick, joins a band of rebels fighting against The False Queen.

Set against stunning 3D environments, Silence: The Whispered World II takes players on an emotional and spellbinding adventure to discover the mysteries surrounding the siblings and the breathtaking dreamscape of Silence.

Silence: The Whispered World II will release in late 2014 for PC and Mac.

About Daedalic Entertainment
From its Hamburg offices Daedalic Entertainment develops and publishes high-quality computer- and videogames to a global market. The company’s focus lies in producing excellent entertainment-software with a strong narrative characteristic. With titles such as Chaos on Deponia, Harveys New Eyes and Chains of Satinav, Daedalic was able to set new standards in adventure-gaming and was awarded with 21 German Developer Awards (“Studio of the Year 2009, 2013”, among others), five German Computer Game Awards and a European Games Award. As a publisher, Daedalic brings unusual and extraordinary titles such as Torchlight II, Botanicula and Tales of Monkey Island to the German market. The foray into the turn-based RPG-genre is a first for the company, covering new grounds for Daedalic.