Daedalic and bumblebee. develop pixelart tower defense game 'Oh My Gore!'
Hamburg, July 30th, 2014. When pixels fight: Today, Daedalic Entertainment and bumblebee. announce a cooperation for a tower defense game developed in pixel art design. The game's title: 'Oh My Gore!' The sheduled release date is early 2015 for PC and Mac.

Concept and design are brought to life by bumblebee., development itself also takes place in Wiehl, Germany, where the studio is based. Daedalic Entertainment will publish Oh my Gore! worldwide.

Oh My Gore! is a genre-mix of RTS, tower defense and reverse tower defense, visualized in a 2D pixel art top-down style. The player will join the forces of evil, playing an evil deity unrivaled in his viciousness and eager to execute revenge on the world for past wrongs. And nothing less than total world domination will satiate the hunger for vengeance; so the godlike player ventures forth to wipe out all goody-two-shoes from the planet.

That's where the tower defense mechanic kicks in: players conquer and defend territory after territory, castle after castle, keep after keep. The strike force consists of vile orks and bone-knights. As soon as they scourged and conquered one area, they'll defend it against the attacks of noble knights.

The first conquered keep will be declared the Fortress of Evil and will be fortified with all kinds of vicious defenses.

Ressource management is crucial in order to produce new units, gather ressources and stock them. Quests allow the player to recruit more heroes who can also go on sidequests.

Each level of the game offers different challenges and utilizes one or both mechanics of tower defense gameplay. Additionally, there are optional factors like time limits or secondary objectives - carnage allows the god to increase his power. Unique 2D-liquid-physics enable the player to influence the game world directly: a broken dam flash-floods enemy camps, while an active volcano can bring a fiery and sudden end to the player's own troops. Random encounters and events are the icing on the cake and give an exciting taste to classic gameplay.

On the economic side, the pixel-villains take care of gathering precious gold that's used for construction and recruiting more units. Experience points are used to train your heroes and soldiers.
Inside the evil god's keep one can find a lot of RPG elements: NPCs flesh out the story and offer side quests.

The mixture of retro-cool pixel style and gripping super-villain story turn Oh my Gore! into never-ending tower-defense fun.

Oh my Gore! is scheduled for release in early 2015 and will be available on Steam Early Access in fall 2014.


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