Daedalic and Funatics join forces – Strategy game in development
Hamburg / Oberhausen, January 7th, 2015 – Daedalic Entertainment and renowned developer Funatics are joining development and publishing forces for multiple new games in the future.

Funatics is developing a strategy game that will be published by Daedalic worldwide in 2015. Furthermore, Daedalic Entertainment will take care of the digital distribution of the games “Northland” and “8th Wonder of the World”.

“Funatics is a big constant in the German developer scene. Since 1998 the team already produced a lot of well-known games and Thomas was just placed in the Hall of Fame at last December’s Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2014. We are very happy that we can realize their next projects and distribute them globally. Funatics proved more than once that they produce fabulous simulations and the new title will be another great addition to its genre as well as to our portfolio.” (Carsten Fichtelmann, founder and CEO of Daedalic Entertainment)

“Daedalic is the perfect match for us. They combine game development with love and freedom for all projects, which we could definitely feel right from the start. Daedalic has a great position as an international publisher for digital products and that is the reason why we will not only do a single new project, but stretch our cooperation over multiple products. The collaboration with Daedalic as our publishing partner will be a great opportunity for us as a developer. We will expand the presence of our games over many new digital outlets, which we cannot reach with our current resources. Last but not least we will have the opportunity to be part of bundles and promotions that were not possible before.“ (Thomas Friedmann, CEO of Funatics)

The name of the new game and more details will be announced by Funatics and Daedalic Entertainment shortly. Daedalic Entertainment will distribute the retail version in various countries as well as worldwide digitally.