Caravan: Daedalic publishes new strategy game developed by it Matters Games
Hamburg / Berlin, April, 1th. 2015 –Daedalic Entertainment extend their publishing portfolio with another indie-game. Caravan is developed by it Matters Games, a studio from Berlin belonging to the remote control productions Family. Caravan is scheduled for worldwide digital release and retail release in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in November 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux.

Jens Kortboyer, CEO of it Matters Games says: 'Caravan, as a project, is a milestone for us and a concept we've been working on for quite a while. It'll be a unique game which will shine through its genre-mix and the fresh setting. With Daedalic Entertainment we've found an avid supporter for our vision of Caravan. We look forward to this journey we'll take on together!'

Caravan combines strategy, RPG and roguelike elements in an exciting trading and exploration game. Set in the pre-Middle Ages Orient, players sent their caravans from town to town. Along their trade-routes dangerous adventures, new contracts and battles await.

World and setting are based on geography and history of the Orient. Players travel the regions of the Arabian Peninsula and there is a steady flow of new crew, heroes and camels on their journeys: the players' caravan keeps growing. Managing your caravan means managing your resources, like water, provisions and also your animals. Players also have to take care of finding business opportunities, buying resources and raw materials while still cutting a good deal by selling these goods somewhere else.

Spiced up with mystic elements of regional folklore and the famous One Thousand and One Nights, random encounters and many authentic backgrounds, Caravan provides players with a well-balanced genre mix and an individual story that changes with every decision made.

it Matters Games und Daedalic Entertainment will release Caravan in November 2015 for PC, Mac und Linux.
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