Dark Motif Announces Actively Seeking Publisher Support for Adam Syndrome
Company: Dark Motif
Tel-Aviv, Israel, December 24, 2012 – Independent game development studio Dark Motif today announced the completion of the pre-production phase of their adventure game title Adam Syndrome. After years of hard work, the small studio from Tel Aviv has finally completed the extensive story and design of the game and has started actively seeking the financial support of prominent publishers.

For this occasion, Dark Motif has also released to the public a previously-unreleased video of one of its older internal tech demos. It is a one-scene technology demo created with the Wintermute Engine and designed for the demonstration of the technological and artistic capabilities of the studio and the game engine. This video can be found at the studio’s games page here: www.darkmotif.com/#/games.

Additional, more recent tech demos, created with the Unity Engine, can be found at the studio’s services page here: www.darkmotif.com/#/services. These tech demos also serve as vertical slices and feature many of the game’s technological aspects.

About the Game
Adam Syndrome is an original adventure game based on a dark mystery of novel-like size and depth. As the plot unfolds, the player will take control of Professor Adam Reed on his quest for answers following a strange chain of occurrences that ends with the sudden and mysterious death of his wife.

During the course of the game, the player will guide Adam through more than fifteen unique locations all over the world; locations that include ancient lost cities, futuristic laboratories, underwater complexes, gloomy old cemeteries, and many other fascinating places, as the character is plunged into an intricate web of conspiracy and secrets dating back to the very beginnings of mankind.

Blending real-life historical facts along with provocative fiction, Adam Syndrome brings storytelling back into the focus of gaming in a contemporary tale of survival, extinction, and the choice that lies between.

Backed by cinematic techniques, Adam Syndrome utilizes detailed, high-resolution locations along with real-time special effects and a moody and suspenseful original soundtrack, to create a dark, immersive atmosphere that provides the perfect feeling for the game. Adam Syndrome makes use of the very powerful and extremely popular Unity Engine, taking full advantage of its many advanced features such as dynamic lighting and shadows, particle systems, physics, and a multitude of visual effects – all of which play a major role in the creation of the game’s believable world.

In a desperate attempt to discover what has happened to his beloved wife, Professor Adam Reed becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the tapestry of his own life. Through a shocking series of revelations, Adam learns that he has unwittingly been playing a major role in a dark and mysterious conspiracy. By following a 400 year old trail left behind by John Dee, the 16th-century occultist and famous advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, he unearths secrets of the biblical giants known as the Nephilim and the ancient myth of the Great Flood, and finds himself facing powerful adversaries – the members of a strange and elusive society – as he uncovers a malevolent plot. With time running out, Adam must stop these men from wreaking monumental catastrophe by unveiling a secret buried thousands of years ago by blood and by time itself – a shocking truth that will shake the very foundations of humanity.

Key Features
- Complex storyline, filled with exciting twists and surprises
- Cinematic approach to scene composition
- Dark and immersive atmosphere
- Moody and suspenseful original soundtrack
- Real-time weather effects (thunder-storms, rain, fog, etc.)
- Puzzles written originally into the plot
- Classic-style point-and-click interface
- 3rd person perspective
- 140+ locations rendered in real-time 3D
- 35+ real-time 3D characters

About Dark Motif
Dark Motif is a young, independent game development studio dedicated to creating original adventure games based on complex stories, rich in atmosphere and strong in characters. Founded in 2005, the studio is composed of a core team of professionals in fields like Film, Art, Animation, and Software Development, that have had a great affinity to the adventure game genre ever since its early years. Dark Motif also works closely with independent contractors in order to cover all aspects of game creation in such a way that keeps the studio as flexible as possible. Currently, Dark Motif is hard at work on the title Adam Syndrome – an original, classic-style adventure game in real-time 3D.

More information about Dark Motif and Adam Syndrome can be found at the studio’s recently-updated website www.darkmotif.com, as well as on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DarkMotif. Alternatively, it can also be requested by mail to info@darkmotif.com.