Dark Vale Games Opens Direct Pre-Orders for Forge with Exclusive Earlybird Rewards
CARSLBAD, CA (SEP. 12, 2012) -- Dark Vale Games, an independent video game developer based in Southern California, has opened direct pre-orders for its upcoming multiplayer-only PC game FORGE, offering exclusive benefits and a discounted price for those who pre-order this week. Fans who pre-order FORGE before midnight USA Pacific Time this Sunday, September 16 will save money and also gain access to the game’s Alpha and Beta playtest sessions prior to release.

Pre-orders can be made online at http://account.playforgewar.com/Products.aspx (registration with the site is required).

“We received amazing feedback from PC gamers both from our private Alpha and in our PAX booth last week, however, despite these great results our crowd-sourced funding goal wasn’t achieved,” said Tim Alvis, COO/CTO of Dark Vale Games. “As we have said all along, FORGE will still release this year and will still be an amazing game but we want to make sure those fans who pre-ordered via Kickstarter can still lock in their copy at a discounted, early-adopter price. Each pre-order supports our independent development and helps us move towards release faster. But we’re not the only ones who benefit -- by preordering FORGE now, fans will pay less than they would at release and earn some great additional benefits.”

FORGE is available now for pre-order at http://account.playforgewar.com/Products.aspx in the following packages (these prices and bonuses will expire at midnight, this Sunday September 16). Following midnight Sunday, pre-orders will continue, but at the full release price of $20:

· STARTER [$15 USD]: Receive a full release copy of the game; gain immediate access to play in the early Private Alpha; earn inclusion into the Closed Beta coming in September; and receive an in-game “Founder’s Title” to recognize the contribution to FORGE and Independent game development.

· VETERAN [$30 USD]: Includes all items from in the “Starter” package, plus an exclusive skin for all five starter classes as well as a year’s worth of FORGE downloadable content – including new classes, new skins, new maps and more -- FREE.

· ULTIMATE [$60 USD]: Includes all items from the Veteran package plus never pay for any downloadable content in the future – the Ultimate package is a lifetime pass to future content updates for FREE.

· 4 PAK [$60 USD]: Receive a full release copy of the game; gain immediate access to play in the early Private Alpha; earn inclusion in the Closed Beta coming in September; receive the in-game “Founder’s Title” to recognize the contribution to FORGE and independent game development; receive the exclusive skins for all five starter classes; and get three extra copies of the game when it releases for retail.

FORGE is a multiplayer-only PC game that plays like a third-person shooter, but with the abilities, strategy and pacing of the best MMO PvP titles. Players will need to use their reflexes and aim to annihilate opponents while leveraging the strategy and tactics of their MMO-style abilities to decide how to attack and defend in different scenarios. FORGE is being developed with Unreal Engine 3 technology from Epic Games, and features industry-leading graphics, effects and multiplayer gameplay.

To pre-order FORGE, fans should go to http://account.playforgewar.com/Products.aspx. Registration with the site is required to view the pre-order offers.
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