A Soldier’S War.Com Announces Completion of Mod Build .30 and Start of Campaign 2
Florida – 11 March 2005 – DCAD Productions LLC announces the completion of Mod Build .30 which is THE LATEST PHASE of A Soldier’sWar.com Tournament (ASW) – www.asoldierswar.com - utilizing EA Games Battlefield 1942 / Trauma Studios Desert Combat Modification game engine. It is also announcing that sign ups for CAMPAIGN 2 are now in progress and expected to launch fully into battle on 8 APRIL 2005. Sign up early and get in the battle NOW because practice BATTLES are being held weekly. Presently the ASW Tournament spans over 8 Area Maps and 56 Battle Maps representing almost every region of the world. With day maps / night maps that range from the steaming jungles of Asia, to the islands of the Pacific, to the barren deserts of the Mideast, to the European countryside and the frozen north of the Russian steppes. ASW covers the globe for a World Wide conflict experience.

The ASW Tournament is set in alternative near-future where the world is at war as two competing powers, The European Union / NATO Forces and the newly reconstituted dictatorships of the Warsaw Pact battle for global control. In this non-linear experience, the direction of the game play is controlled by the actions of the players, in whose hands lies the fate of the world.

ASW CAMPAIGN 2 combines the ideas of Role Playing Game (RPG) and First Person Shooter (FPS), creating an experience not seen before in the genre of gaming. Game play is now a 24 hour experience with players participating in training, reconnaissance missions, and combat action on Area Maps which rotate between Day and Night settings. The players are able to sharpen their skills on training ranges, practice armored vehicle movements, patrol hostile territory, observe enemy actions in the field, and fight for control of key map areas, all while staying in voice communications with fellow players, building relationships and team spirit. The combat action intensifies during Battle Days with full-scale, divisional-sized, 64-player battles, when the training and team building of the Area Maps is put to use. Divisions of both armies engage in massive warfare, employing tactics and teamwork to win territory, pushing back the enemy, leading to final victory.

The ASW CAMPAIGN 2 comes with a new mini-mod featuring new vehicles, aircraft, weapons, uniforms and maps available for download at the ASW website. Some of the new aircraft include the following; Mi-28 (thanks to JD Hall and 21CW), KA-50, PAH2-Tigre, Cougar. For weapons we have the C7a2 and the AN-94 Assault Rifles, MP5 and MP5K, P90, VSK and SVN98.

For more information or to become a member of the fastest growing DC Tournament - visit www.asoldierswar.com.

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