A Soldiers War Announces KickOff to BF 2 Campaign #1
FL – A Soldiers War announces the kickoff to the first campaign for BATTLEFIELD 2. http://www.asoldierswarbattlefield2.com With the release later next week of BF2 and the demo that is being played on the ASW Battle Servers, A Soldiers War BF2 is now forming the armies for the upcoming campaign. ASWBF2 will be using all the weapons and other goodies (Commander Mode) that BF2 comes with.

Now and for the next two weeks the players will be shaped up, Officers and NCOs will be chosen for the first in a series of battles that will begin on Saturday July 9th. These battles will be run weekly on alternating Friday and Saturdays and each battle will be 12 hours long. Depending on the amount of players that sign up ASW will run battles both Friday and Saturday’s to accommodate everyone. Each Campaign will last 8 weeks depending on the success or failure of the participants. The campaigns in the beginning will be based on a series of the “best of 7 games” which is actual battle days.

As the summer progresses ASWBF2 will be working on a unique “mod” suited for tournament play that will be based on real life current events and possible scenarios that will be on a global scale. ASWBF2 will also be releasing “custom maps” to enhance game play and tournament competition.

Finally as always ASWBF2 will be totally free, for it is the players that support A Soldiers War through their donations and make ASW one of the more popular tournaments around.


A Soldiers War http://www.asoldierswar.com also announces today that for those players who cannot play BF2 right away that ASWDC, an original DC mod for A Soldiers War still will be available for tournament style play. The ASW Tournament is set in alternative near-future where the world is at war as two competing powers, NATO and the newly reconstituted communist Warsaw Pact battle for global control. In this non-linear experience, the direction of the game play is controlled by the actions of the players, in whose hands lies the fate of the world.

Right now new divisions are forming and the plans are for now to have the first battle for Campaign # 3 on Friday July 8th. This campaign will be different as we have shortened the span to equal BF2 and will also be the “best of 7 games” which is actual battle days. The Campaign will start in Asia on the ASW Mod and custom ASW Maps.
ASW DC will be played on the 3rd Battle server for ASW and have its own separate Team Speak also.

So for those looking for exciting Tournament play and do not want to feel left out, please check out A Soldiers War. Again this is a free tournament supported by the players for the enjoyment of all.

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